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Classic White Orchid

Pure white Phalaenopsis flowers on a single arching stem. In a glossy white, five-inch ceramic pot.

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Additional Information

Pike Nurseries is excited to offer floral gifts for delivery nationwide to those you care and appreciate!  Our floral gifts are delivered in sturdy, well-packed boxes to help ensure they come as beautiful as we have shipped them. As soon as the gift is delivered we recommend opening it to allow it to continue it’s healthy growth. If you have any questions, please visit our contact us page.

Plant Care Tips
Phalaenopsis orchids make great house plants and will thrive and flower for you for many years by following these simple guidelines:

Light - Medium-high, indirect light (no direct sun) during growth stages between flowering (such as office lighting and/or east facing window) low-medium light while blooming (such as a north facing window/ artificial light )

Water - Allow root media to dry moderately to the touch between thorough watering. Do not use softened water. Any good quality water suitable for drinking is OK.

Temperature - 65-85 normally. To initiate flowering plants must have several consecutive nights at 50-55.

Fertilizer - Use a balanced house plant food at half strength such as 20-20-20 with every other watering during warm months.

Phalaenopsis orchids will bloom in the spring and flowers will last for several months. During this time they require less light so feel free to place them in a strategic location in your home that receives moderate light. To prolong the flowering cycle, cut back spent flower stalks about half way close to a node or joint to re-branch.

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