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  • What abundant rain means for your garden

    Here are some helpful tips on what you can do in your garden when it rains day after day.

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    The rain leaches nutrients from the soil, which means it's more important to fertilize; this is especially true in hanging baskets, window boxes and container gardens.

    Every fertilizer lists three numbers on the package that represent the percentage of a certain ingredient

    • First Number: Nitrogen
      • Produces lush, tender, green leaves (or grass blades)
      • Deficiency results in a yellow-green color (chlorosis) and little or no growth
    • Second Number: Phosphorous
      • Stimulates root growth
      • Promotes development of flowers, fruits and seeds
    • Third Number: Potassium
      • Gives vigor to tolerate changing weather conditions
      • Helps resist disease
      • Deficiency can cause week stems and slow growth

    Tip: An easy way to remember this is: Up, Down & All Around


    Here are a few examples of which fertilizers are best for various types of plants

      • E.B. Stone Sure Start 4-6-2
        • For new plantings
        • Promotes healthy roots and new growth
        • Flowering Plants
      • Superbloom 12-55-6
        • The high phosphorous will promote blooms
        • Container Gardens
      • Osmocote 19-6-12
        • A slow release fertilizer that will last longer – a good choice for our rainy weather



    • Too much water can cause roots to rot, so proper drainage is a must
    • If you have a container garden, use pot feet to elevate the garden so the drainage hole at the bottom has the ability to let the water drain



    • Mulch will help retain soil moisture, keep the weeds down and most importantly right now help with soil erosion
      • If you have a large slope, use a 2-3 inch layer of pine straw to keep the soil intact


    Fungicide Issues

    • All the recent rain paired with hot weather is the perfect climate for troublesome fungicide issues
    • Apply Bonide Infuse now to cure and prevent fungicide on flowers, roses, trees, shrubs and your lawn

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