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Learn how to garden without the guesswork with these helpful gardening guides and advice from Pike Nurseries.
  • Benefits of Growing Berries Infographic

    Not only are berries super tasty, these superfoods are also packed full of nutrients! Check out all the amazing benefits berries can have on your body.   ~~~ Read Full Article
  • Rainbow of Color

    You don't have to wait for spring to have bold color in your garden beds and pots. Fill your garden with a rainbow of colorful blooms that can be planted now. Primrose, Pansies, Violas, Cyclamen and Snapdragons are beautiful late winter and early spring blooms. They cheer up the winter blues and transition [...] Read Full Article
  • Waterwise Blooms

    Your yard doesn't have to look like a desert landscape to have a low-maintenance and waterwise garden. You can have a garden that is full of beautiful summer flowering plants that is also waterwise. These 5 plants will bloom year after year requiring little maintenance. Coneflower - This hardy perennial is a favorite [...] Read Full Article
  • Houseplants for Healthy Living

      Watch: Choosing a Houseplant >   Read Full Article
  • No-Fail Houseplants

      Pothos is a low-maintenance vining houseplant that is super easy to grow. Let it trail from a hanging basket, grow it on a stake, or let it spill from a container garden. Place it in low to medium light.  Peace Lilies are one of the most popular houseplants. They have dark [...] Read Full Article
  • The Benefits of Landscaping

      There are many benefits of good landscaping - increased property value, lower energy costs, more usable space, and a positive environmental impact. Ready to start your landscape project now? Book a Landscape Design Appointment Now >   Install now and SAVE!  Book a Landscape Design Appointment    Read Full Article
  • Heat Tolerant Plants

      There are many perennial flowers that thrive in the heat of the summer, providing us with loads of color in sunny spots. Four of our favorites are Coreopsis, Echinacea, Rudbeckia and Verbena. They also attract birds and butterflies and make great long lasting cut flowers to bring indoors and enjoy. Coreopsis Get [...] Read Full Article
  • Perfect Perennials

    Color your summer garden with perennial blooms and foliage that you will enjoy year after year. The greenhouses are full of the beautiful blooms and foliage of some of our favorite perennials including Agapanthus, Coreopsis, Delosperma, Echinacea, Daylilies, Heuchera, Hostas, Lantana, Rudbeckia, Salvia, Sedum, and Verbena. Annuals vs Perennials: Differences Explained [...] Read Full Article
  • Garden to Grill Tips: Herb Bundle Basting Brush

    Want to make your BBQ even more flavorful? Make a basting brush using a bundle of herbs! Each time you rub sauce on your meat you'll be adding more herbal flavor!  Choose sturdy and flavorful herbs such as rosemary, thyme, oregano and sage. Cut stems 5 - 6 inches long. Strip [...] Read Full Article
  • Begonia Big is a Big Deal!

    With so many new and interesting plants for the garden becoming available every season, it’s pretty easy to overlook the humble begonia and head toward an exciting new tropical or ornamental grass. BIG mistake!  Begonia Big is about as easy, and as Big as it gets. The name really says [...] Read Full Article
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