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  • Advice for using Pramitol

    I wanted to kill some stubborn weeds, so I used Pramitol control of weeds. I've tried Sta-Green seed & sod soil plus fertilizer but nothing will grow in those spots.

    Pramitol is a bare ground, non-selective herbicide. It will control Johnson grass, bindweed and other hard to control weeds, BUT wherever Pramitol is used, nothing will grow for one year or more.

    To circumvent this problem, dig down three to five inches and remove the soil in the treated areas.  Replace the soil with a good planting or top soil, then try reseeding or sodding the spots you treated.

    Products such as Pramitol are good for use around buildings, fences, pathways or recreational areas where you do not want any vegetation to grow, but it is not the best choice for spot treating your lawn.

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