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    Cultural Information
    Understanding and duplicating the African Violet's natural environment is the key to successfully growing this favorite.

    Growing in a tropical rain forest tells us that reduced light, high humidity and proper moisture are key requirements. North- or east-facing windows are probably the best places in the home. Avoid hot, direct sun - especially from the south or west. Setting pots on trays of pebbles that are kept constantly wet increases humidity.

    1. Select a pot size appropriate to the size of the plant. African Violets like snug conditions.
    2. Using E.B. Stone African Violet Mix, combine one part soil to one part mix in the new container.
    3. Place African Violet in a container and fill in with soil mix.
    4. Firmly tap soil to remove any air pockets.
    5. Water the soil thoroughly. Avoid getting the leaves wet.

    With soils that drain rapidly, the nitrogen tends to be washed away, so careful attention to regular feedings is important. Use Grow More Super Bloomer or Schultz African Violet Food, half-strength, every two weeks.

    Keep soil moist to the touch. Water plants from the top or below with water at room temperature. Avoid wetting the leaves or the crown of the plant.

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