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Birding Guide

Birding at Pike

Whether you’re a bird enthusiast or just trying to draw birds to your backyard for the first time the friendly experts at Pike Nurseries can help you get started.  

Here you will find seasonal birding tips to help out your little flying friends and that fill your garden with life and song!

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  • Tips for Attracting Different Types of Birds

    There are many different types of birds in our area. Here are some tips to attract your favorite feathered friends!   Hummingbird -- Brightly colored birds with wings that beat about 53 times per second -- Food: Flowers, nectar, sap and small insects -- How to Attract    - Plants like daylilies, lantana, and salvia    [...] Read Full Article
  • Summer Birding Guide

    Time Flies - The backyard is alive with new families of singers! Watch the race track routine, from nest to bush to fence to ground and back again, as mom & dad birds search for seed, bugs and worms to fill new tummies. Their twists and turns in the flight patterns is [...] Read Full Article
  • Spring Birding Guide

    Enjoy the impressive sights and sounds this spring as colorful birds migrate north and resident birds energetically prepare for new families. Look around to find the source of that sweet love song ritually ringing to attract a mate. Food Spring is an important time to provide food as fall and winter insects [...] Read Full Article
  • Winter Birding Guide

    Shades of Grey, Red, Brown and Blue Enhance Winter Landscapes Myth: Take down bird houses in the winter Myth Buster:  Bird houses provide shelter from the weather. Song birds frequently group together overnight in a bird house, or roosting pockets, to keep warm. Birdhouses also provide a safe haven from cats, owls [...] Read Full Article
  • Autumn Birding Guide

    Myth:  If you feed birds in the fall, they won’t migrate. Myth Buster: Feeding birds in fall does not prevent migration, it may help. Migrating birds will be looking for food and drink to keep them nourished to help survive weather changes, fight off predators and as an energy boost to help them [...] Read Full Article