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    I have been gifted a bonsai tree, a terrible gift for a black thumb! I have tried everything to keep this tree alive. It is currently outside in full sun, I spray water it daily and water it 2x a week. Initially I wasn't watering it well and it was in a shaded inside location. I am told it is a juniper but I really don't know for sure. What can I do to nurse it back to health. Please help!

    One of the most common type of bonsai is a juniper so you probably received good advice. However, we recommend that you bring in a picture or your actual bonsai tree to your neighborhood Pike Nurseries so we can correctly identify the tree to be sure we’re giving you correct care information.

    Rather than spraying the bonsai give it a deep watering each day.  Water until just before you see run off.  Also, when you see dead foliage on the tree, be sure to clip it off. Fertilize your juniper regularly with an all-purpose fertilizer like E.B. Stone Tree and Shrub Food. Lastly, prune your bonsai to your desired size/shape.

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