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  • Build Your Own Terrarium

    Have you thought about creating your own terrarium?

    Why a Terrarium

      • Terrariums are a unique type of container garden that continue to grow in popularity
      • Terrariums are great because they tend to be more enclosed and they create their own little greenhouse where the plants can flourish

    How to Plant a Terrarium

    • Choose a vase or vessel -- Most people use clear glass containers for terrariums so you can easily see the plants and great effects with the layers of soil and rock
    • Place a 1-inch gravel or decorative rock at the bottom of the container -- This will act as the drainage for your container so the plants aren't sitting in water
    • Add a 2-3 inch layer of Pike Potting & Container Soil
    • Add plants to your terrarium -- As with planting any container, use an odd number of plants in your display. Most terrariums are relatively small so you need small plants (2-inch). Choose plants with different leaf shapes and colors for variety.
    • Add decorative rock, sand and moss to add visual interest -- Creating different layers of gravel, soil and rock add more interest when the container is viewed from the side
    • Add in other decorative elements to give your terrarium personality¬†
      • For example, small pieces of drift wood make it seem like a fairy garden. You can even add little decorative elements like small figures that you may already have.

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