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    Creating a garden that attracts butterflies is easy and fun for the whole family. Beautiful butterflies add life and vibrant color to your garden as the flutter around from one bloom to another. Creating a habitat that attracts butterflies involves just a few basic things. Provide them with food, shelter, water and sunlight and attract them with brightly colored flowers.

    Food: It's important to provide food for both caterpillars and butterflies.

    • Host plants - will meet the needs of the butterflies in all stages of their life - from egg to caterpillar, then chrysalis to adult. Favorite host plants include dill, parsley, and fennel.
    • Nectar flowers  -  When the butterflies emerge from their cocoons they will begin searching for nectar. There are many flowers that provide nectar. Lantana, salvia, coneflowers, butterfly weed, and butterfly bushes are favorites for the butterflies to feed from. 

    Flowers that attract Butterflies


    • Butterfly Feeder from Pike NurseriesButterfly feederYou can provide additional liquid nectar in a butterfly feeder. Butterflies are also attracted to overripe fruit like bananas. Our butterfly feeder is designed with spots to place the fruit.

    Shelter: Butterflies need protection from the elements.They seek shelter on shrubs such as Laurels and Anise that have larger leaves and provide great places for butterflies to light. Find a spot to put a butterfly house in your garden. The houses are similar in style to bird houses - with different openings.

    Water: Butterflies like shallow water. They won't drink from open water instead they siphon their water from moist soil. Place a shallow saucer in your butterfly garden, a pot saucer works perfectly with sand in it. You can also use a shallow bird bath with sand and stones or pebbles placed in it to provide more shallow spots. 

    Sunlight: Butterflies are cold-blooded and need to absorb the heat from the sun to warm their wings so they can fly. Place large flat stones in your garden for additional sunbathing spots. Be sure to plant your butterfly garden in a sunny spot that is sheltered from the wind. 


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