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  • Care for Pansies & Violas

    Refresh Spring & Summer Color

    • Are your summer containers looking a little sad?
    • It's time to replace your spring and summer color like petunias, begonias, marigolds, etc.

    Pansies & Violas

    • Now is the time to plant pansies & violas so they can establish and provide garden and container garden color throughout fall, winter and even early spring
    • Pansies & violas are annuals
      • Need to be planted each year
    • Great selection of different colors; every color from pale pastels to vibrant reds and yellows
    • Pansies & violas are in the same family
      • Pansies: Usually refer to plants with large, showy blooms.
      • Violas: Blooms are smaller in size but the plants tend to bloom more profusely
    • Sun Requirements
      • Full to partial sun
    • Size
      • Standard pansies & violas grow 4-6 inches tall & 5-8 inches wide


    Cool Wave Pansies

    • There's a new type of pansy called the "Cool Wave Pansy"
    • Cool Wave pansies grow faster so you'll have larger plants with more blooms faster
    • Cool Wave pansies also spread up to 2 feet so you can space the plants further apart


    Elle Pot Pansies

    • Elle Pot pansies are a traditional pansy in an untraditional pot
    • There isn't a pot which cuts down on waste
    • Elle Pot pansies are faster to plant
      • Our landscape manager planted Elle pot pansies in all of the store landscapes and couldn't believe how quick they were to plant

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