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Container Gardening

Learn about container gardening with articles on making your own container garden, caring for container gardens and more!


  • Gardening in Containers

    Gardening in Containers Whether one has a yard or not everyone can garden. Even the humblest, recycled container can hold a garden.  Small-scale gardening of any sort—in containers or just in a limited space—uses the same principles and good practices that gardening on any scale takes. And while the mistakes are minimized [...] Read Full Article
  • Terrarium Toppers

    When it's rainy outside, move indoors! Create a mini indoor garden in glass. Get creative planting your terrarium to show off your personal style. Not only is it fun to choose plants for your terrarium ( Top 10 Terrarium Plants ), it's also fun to choose decorative elements to use a [...] Read Full Article
  • Birdbaths for Bathing Beauties

    Birdbaths for Bathing Beauties Watching birds splash around in a bird bath is a treat to watch. And, anyone, wanting to invite birds into their back yard will want to add a bird bath. Bird baths are shallow water-filled vessels placed in outdoor spaces for birds. Birds will use bird baths for [...] Read Full Article
  • Miniature Evergreen Container Gardens

    The style of container garden, known as trough gardening or English trough gardening began in the mid 1800s. It was popular at the time to collect specimen plants from around the world and the container they decided to best show off their miniature plant collections, was the watering troughs used [...] Read Full Article
  • Black Plants for Halloween Container Gardens

    Attract ghosts and goblins with plants black as the night this Halloween. Haunt up some Halloween magic and scare up some fun.  Black Mondo Grass is an eerie, dark evergreen groundcover with black foliage and white blooms. Use as a filler for your container gardens.Light: Grow in Sun to part shadeSize [...] Read Full Article