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  • Decorate for Fall with Plants & Accents

    One of the great joys of gardening is heightening and beautifying the seasons. Bringing autumn to your home and garden is fun and easy to do!


    Where & What to Decorate

    To get the most enjoyment out of your decor start with the areas inside or outside of the home that are the most visible, like your front door. Don’t forget areas that you see each and every day; you should enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    • Front steps or front porch
    • Just inside your front door on an entrance table
    • On the mantle
    • A centerpiece for your dining table
    • Pots on the patio, courtyard, and balcony
    • Flowerbeds around the home






    What to Decorate With

    Decorate with items that you love and that speak to the season. Play with a combination of plants, items harvested from the garden and traditional décor. Mixing various items into one display gives it that professional look that will be the envy of friends and neighbors. If there’s natural plants sprigs that you enjoy plant the bush in your garden for years of decorating. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing.



    • Ornamental grasses
    • Heuchera
    • Mums
    • Ornamental peppers
    • Ornamental kale and cabbage
    • Edible lettuces (reds) and kale
    • Crotons





    Items from the Garden

    • Pumpkins & gourds
    • Hay bales
    • Indian corn
    • Decorative (packaged) moss
    • Pyracantha branches
    • Beauty berry branches









    Decorative Items

    • Halloween figures
    • Harvest figures
    • Lanterns
    • Candles (don’t forget about battery operated candles)






    Designing with Color Basics

    There are three color principals for fall decorating: analogous colors, complementary colors or fall colors. Choose which color designing principal will affect the overall mood of your décor.


    Analogous colors – Colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel. Using analogous colors creates harmony and rest.  Example: red, red-orange, and orange

    Complementary colors – Colors that are opposite one another on the color wheel. Pairing complementary colors gives high contrast, vividness and energy. Example: red and yellow

    Fall colors – Fall colors are all the “warm” colors: red, yellow, orange and nearby colors such as purple and brown. These are the colors associated with the fall season.



    QUICK IDEA: For a side table or centerpiece, take an autumn wreath, lay it down and place pillar candles of various sizes in the center—done!


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