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Edible Gardening

Click to read more about different types of edible gardens and how to start your own!
  • Benefits of Growing Berries Infographic

    Not only are berries super tasty, these superfoods are also packed full of nutrients! Check out all the amazing benefits berries can have on your body.   ~~~ Read Full Article
  • Garden to Grill Tips: Herb Bundle Basting Brush

    Want to make your BBQ even more flavorful? Make a basting brush using a bundle of herbs! Each time you rub sauce on your meat you'll be adding more herbal flavor!  Choose sturdy and flavorful herbs such as rosemary, thyme, oregano and sage. Cut stems 5 - 6 inches long. Strip [...] Read Full Article
  • National Apple Month

    October is National Apple Month and that has us thinking about apple pies, apple tarts, candied apples, and hot apple cider. Doesn't that have your mouth watering? With so many yummy apple dishes to make and enjoy, why not plant a tree and grow your very own apples? Choose an Apple Tree New Apples  Urban [...] Read Full Article
  • Let us Grow Lettuce

    Why grow salad? Fresh produce tastes better than store-bought produce and is more cost efficient. Just snip off what you want to eat and leave the rest for next time. You can also harvest extra and keep it in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. It's also worry-free: you can [...] Read Full Article
  • Tomatoes for Specific Uses

    Tomatoes for Specific Uses Whether you crave tomato sandwiches, fresh tomatoes on your salad, or love to make your own homemade tomato sauce, home-grown tomatoes make all your favorite dishes taste better. And, choosing the best tomato for your favorite recipes is made easy with our chart showing the best tomato [...] Read Full Article
  • Blueberries in the Garden

    Blueberries in the Garden Four Seasons of Beauty   There are many reasons to grow blueberries. The berries are delicious whether eaten fresh from the garden or used in tasty recipes. Blueberries also have many great health benefits. In fact researchers at the USDA Human Nutrition Center have ranked blueberries number one in [...] Read Full Article
  • Take Your Pick

    Take Your Pick - Apples, Peaches and Plums Oh My! Imagine walking in your backyard and picking a plump and juicy peach from your own tree. Or, making an apple pie with apples you grew yourself. Growing fruit trees is easy and very rewarding - not only do you get to [...] Read Full Article
  • 10 Ways to Use Rosemary

    10 Ways to Use Rosemary Rosemary is a hardy evergreen shrub that is easy to grow and is also very useful. Among it many uses, it's prized in the culinary world for its flavorful leaves. It also has a lovely fragrance and pretty small blue flowers in spring. While there are [...] Read Full Article
  • 10 Easy Herbs to Grow

    Growing herbs is easy and fun. Whether you grow a few herbs on your kitchen window sill or have a raised garden bed dedicated them, you will find the rewards of growing your own herbs both on your plate and in your wallet. Walking out into your garden and snipping a little [...] Read Full Article
  • Strawberries

    Scrumptious Strawberries It's strawberry season! This time of year we celebrate our strawberry harvests by making wonderful desserts, salads, drinks and smoothies with this delicious fruit. Growing your own strawberries is easy and harvesting the plump juicy fruit will be the real treat. Whether you're topping your morning cereal with them [...] Read Full Article
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