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  • Create a Pumpkin Topiary

    Stack them up, pumpkins that is, and create a pumpkin topiary! Start by choosing 3 to 4 pumpkins in varying sizes that are somewhat flat on the top. Then select a container that is slightly smaller in diameter than your largest pumpkin. Remove the stems of all but the smallest [...]

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  • A Little Pumpkin & Lace

    Do you need a quick and easy way to decorate your pumpkins? Grab a pair of black lace stockings, drop the pumpkin in the leg of the stockings all the way to the toe. Cut the fabric leaving extra material above the stem of the pumpkin. Tie off the stockings [...]

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  • Glitter and Gold

    For a sparkly and elegant centerpiece spray paint a pumpkin gold and add glitter. Place it on a platter with pinecones and acorns and you’ll have a beautiful fall arrangement.

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  • Fall Color All Season

    For instant fall color gratification use croton (typically sold as a houseplant), a mum or two, ornamental peppers and golden variegated ivy. It will provide fall interest all season long.

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  • Beautiful Companions

    Herbs make beautiful companions. African basil provides a bit of lavender color, scented geranium leaves provide texture and great scent, and a variegated mint spills down the side.  For added color and contrast a yellow calibrachoa has been tucked in. All combine beautifully for a useful and beautiful container garden.

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  • Evergreen & Autumn Mix

    The evergreens in this fall container will last all winter long. Fernspray Gold Hinoki cypress has beautiful yellow and green foliage that stands out against the deep bold mondo grass. Add bright pansies in the gold and crimson shades of autumn and a gourd or mini squash for extra fall [...]

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  • A Little Corner of Fall

    Not a lot of space?  No problem, create a little corner of Fall favorites.  Gather some festive gourds in your favorite Fall colors and patterns and create a Pumpkin topiary.  Choose some pottery that compliments your décor, but also hints to Fall with colors and fill with a kalanchoes and [...]

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  • Sophisticated Mixed Container

    This sophisticated mixed container for shade is composed of fern, a white variegated caladium, bronzy-purple Iresine, and white torenia. The glazed pattern of the pot adds to the rhythm of the rounded foliage.

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  • Mums and Cabbage

    Mums are the quintessential autumn plant, providing rich tones of bronze, red, gold and lavender. The flowering cabbages at the along the walkway edges provide textural contrast.

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  • Colorful Foliage Mix

    Colorful foliage doesn’t have to come from trees! Coral bells (Heuchera) provide rich leaf colors for fall. Set off dark-leaved coral bells with the brighter foliage of variegated sage and euphorbia as your see here. The burnished tones of the ornamental grass, Carex, add to the autumn feel.

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