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  • Fall bulbs for your Spring blooms

    Fall is the time to plant spring blooming bulbs in the landscape and in container gardens.


    Where to Plant Bulbs

    • Most bulbs thrive in either full or partial sun
    • Plant in an area that has good drainage
      • Avoid planting at the base of hills or under drainpipes where water collects and will rot the bulbs
    • Plant bulbs in garden beds and containers
      • Plant under pansies and other annuals. Come early spring, and you'll get even more garden color!


    How to Plant Bulbs – Dig, Drop, Done!

    • Good soil preparation is the very first step.
    • Amend the native soil at a 50/50 radio with Pike Planting Mix
    • Make sure the soil is loose and porous to make the planting easier
      • Adding peat moss to the soil is a good trick to improve drainage.
    • The planting depth of bulbs depends on their size
      • As a general rule plant bulbs 3x the diameter of the bulb.
      • Check the label on your bulb package
    • The spacing of the bulbs depends on the effect you'd like
      • Plant in clumps of large groups rather than in single rows
    • Gently press the bulbs (with pointed ends up) in the bed, cover them with the removed soil and tap it down slightly
      • A bulb planter is a handy tool especially if you're planting a lot of bulbs
    • Water thoroughly
    • Remember… "dig, drop, done."


    Favorite Bulbs to Plant Now


    • Many colors and varieties to choose from
    • Have a cup-like flower
    • Plant a lot so you'll have plenty to cut and bring inside



    • The yellow trumpet-like flowers
    • Several varieties with a combination of yellow, orange and white



    • Whether used fresh, cooked or dried, onions are a staple in nearly every type of cuisine.
    • Planted as bulbs, choose from white, yellow or red onion bulbs in a variety of sizes

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