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  • Blooming Spring Branches

    On a cold, gray day like today, its easy to catch yourself daydreaming about spring - the warmer weather, the sunshine, the spring green on new leaves everywhere and the flowers. Spring is on its way and the beautiful early spring blooming trees and shrubs are budded up now. Some, like some cherries and magnolias have started to bloom while others are waiting for warmer weather to come to signal that its time to start blooming. If you want to get a jump start on enjoying their spring beauty, cut the budded branches and bring them indoors where its warm. This 'tricks' the branches into thinking spring has arrived and they open and start blooming.

    Here are some great trees and shrubs to cut:

    • Forsythia
    • Spiraea
    • Fruit trees - like apples, peaches, pears, and plums
    • Ornamental cherries
    • Flowering Magnolias - Saucer and Star Magnolias
    • Quince

    Follow these steps:

    Choose a vase and fill it with warm water. Add decorative pebbles to the bottom to help support the heavy branches. 

    Cut branches from your garden that are fully budded; but not yet blooming. Bring them inside and make another cut just before placing the branch in the vase. Cut them at an angle under the warm water to allow the most surface space to take up water.  Arrange them in the vase with the support of the pebbles.



    Now sit back and watch them start to bloom within a week or two (and well before they start outside) you'll have spring blooming branches brightening your 

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