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  • Flowering Vines - Garden Romance

    Who doesn’t love a romantic garden? 

    A garden where flowers billow over paths, leaving almost no room to pass. A garden where flowers seem to come at you from every side; where you’re surrounded with the fragrance and sight of blossoms draping from arbors, arches and pergolas. Who doesn’t long for a lush, enveloping garden that seems to suspend time and worries?

    You can have such a garden of Old-World loveliness.
    And in less time that you might imagine. The secret? Fast-growing, opulent flowering vines. Nothing creates a greater sense of abundance and romantic beauty than colorful climbers and vines.

    Look around and imagine the possibilities—there are usually more than you think! Who doesn’t have a boring wall to hide, an unattractive fence to smother, a balcony rail to drape? If you’re not blessed these, use the accompanying guide “Don’t have an arbor?” to find ideas for plant supports.

    Flowering vines come in two basic types: annual and perennial.
    Annual vines must be planted every year and by their nature are very fast growing. They’re very easy and satisfying to grow from seed. Kids especially love them because they get excited by the dramatic growth. Perennial vines typically form a woody structure from which springs annual flowering growth. They can become large over time and usually need a strong supporting structure. 

    They key to success with vines is to provide ample food for their rapid growth and situate them according to their needs. Well-fed vines will more than repay you with waves of luscious flowers. Pike Nurseries suggests that you use E.B. Stone Fruit Tree and Vine Food. There are few flowering vines for shade, but choices abound for sun and part sun situations.


    Don’t have an arbor?

    You don’t need a grand piece of garden architecture to enjoy flowering vines. It’s easy and inexpensive to create supports for these lovely plants. Here are a few ideas.

    • Attach wires or wooden rails to wall faces
    • Add pre-made trellises
    • Consider fences and gates
    • Create a tepee
    • Stakes can be free-standing or grouped
    • Host plants – trees and shrubs
    • Roofs of small garden buildings, even the doghouse!


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