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    Cultural Information
    Gardenias intensely fragrant, creamy white flowers make it a sought after flowering landscape shrub. The flowers are offset by glossy dark green leaves that are present year-round (evergreen). Gardenias prefer sunny areas and warm temperatures.

    1. Dig a hole at least twice the width of the root ball.
    2. Using Pike Planting Mix combine one part natural soil and one part planting mix.
    3. Place a small handful of E.B. Stone Blood Meal in the bottom of the hole and incorporate into the soil.
    4. Make sure the top of the original root ball is one inch above ground level.
    5. Firmly tap soil to remove any air pockets.
    6. Water in with Bonide Plant Starter.

    For optimum growth and bloom, acid-loving Gardenias require regular feedings.
    1. Feed monthly with 100% organic E.B. Stone Azalea, Camellia and Gardenia Food.
    2. Prevent leaf chlorosis or yellowing by applying an iron supplement in mid-spring and again in fall.

    Soil should be moist to the touch, but not soggy. If moist don't water.

    Gardenias require very little pruning. Only prune to:
    1. Remove any dead or dying wood.
    2. Shape the plant.
    3. If used as a hedge, do your major pruning just prior to the flush of growth in spring to avoid trimming off the newly formed buds.

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