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Gardening A-Z

  • Life-Like Christmas Tree Tips from the Experts

    Life-like Christmas Trees offer the beauty of real trees, but with a care-free convenience and easy assembly that enables them to last season after season. The Christmas tree is the center of the festivities so it should be perfect. Here are tips on setting up your artificial Christmas tree. Start by [...] Read Full Article
  • Shade Gardening Guide

    As our gardens mature, we find ourselves gardening in more shade. This can sometimes be discouraging as sun-loving plants fail to bloom or become leggy and sparse. When this happens our plant palettes must change. There are plenty of colorful plants that thrive in shady spots and appreciate the cooler temperatures a leafy tree canopy provides. A simple way to think of creating a shade garden is in [...] Read Full Article
  • Bamboo Basics

    What’s to Like There’s a lot to like about bamboos. They’re easy to grow; they require less water than most plants; they’re fast-growing once established; and they have a graceful presence. Bamboos are evergreen and can also do a lot of screening in a narrow space. They can also be elegant [...] Read Full Article
  • 5 Steps to Create Pet-Friendly Landscapes

    Backyards and gardens can be great places for your pets to enjoy fresh air, play and exercise. Creating a pet friendly landscape is easy and will give you peace of mind when your pets are outside without you. Keep in mind these 5 steps. 1. Choose your plants wisely. Some plants [...] Read Full Article
  • Pet-Friendly Houseplants

    Houseplants add beauty to our homes as well as health benefits. They clean our air, making our homes healthier. There are however some plants that are not safe to have around pets. If you have pets in your home, you’ll want to avoid them and choose houseplants which are non-toxic and [...] Read Full Article
  • Ten Top Rose Varieties

    Americans love roses. From their beautiful form, colors and types, these popular flowers are always a garden favorite and are perfect for cutting and bringing indoors. Roses come in an array of colors from the classic red, buttery yellow, to sunset orange and many more. They also come in many [...] Read Full Article
  • Snow Flocked Christmas Trees - the making of

    You might be wishing for a 'white Christmas', but here in the south, you're pretty much out of luck. Still, there is a way to get the beauty of a snow-covered tree this time of year.       Snow Flocking Even though we live in the south you can enjoy a white Christmas [...] Read Full Article
  • Fall Favorites for your Southern Garden

    Fall is a great time to play in the dirt! Get instant fall color gratification with cool season plants with great flowers and foliage. Stop by your local Pike Nurseries to pick up all your Fall Favorites and transform your home!   Chrysanthemum (Mums) Mums are the ultimate fall flower and are covered in [...] Read Full Article
  • Decorate for Fall with Plants & Accents

    One of the great joys of gardening is heightening and beautifying the seasons. Bringing autumn to your home and garden is fun and easy to do!   Where & What to Decorate To get the most enjoyment out of your decor start with the areas inside or outside of the home that are [...] Read Full Article
  • Fall bulbs for your Spring blooms

    Fall is the time to plant spring blooming bulbs in the landscape and in container gardens.   Where to Plant Bulbs Most bulbs thrive in either full or partial sun Plant in an area that has good drainage Avoid planting at the base of hills or under drainpipes where water collects and will rot the [...] Read Full Article
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