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Gardening for Beginners

Beginners tips to many of the basics for your lawn and garden to help your grow while Playing in the Dirt.
  • Waterwise Gardening - Water Saving Tips

    Don’t change your garden; change the way you water.   Here are ten simple things you can do to save water outdoors. 1. Water early in the morning Set your automatic sprinklers to run in the early morning and finish before 8am. This will reduce evaporation and will lessen the likelihood of water waste [...] Read Full Article
  • Annuals and Perennials: What's the Difference?

    What’s an annual? The flowers that we plant for seasonal color are primarily annuals. These plants last for one season only. There’s a reason for that. Because they bloom so heavily, and give their all for a glorious, colorful show, they’re done by the end of the season. There are “cool-season” [...] Read Full Article
  • Gardening Tools: What's What?

    “The workman’s as good as his tools” applies to gardening as much as anything else. The nice thing, however, is that garden tools aren’t expensive and you don’t need many. A small collection of basic tools will serve you well and you can add to your arsenal as your gardening [...] Read Full Article
  • Deadheading, why is it important?

    To deadhead is to remove the spent flowers from plants—removing the “dead heads”. This accomplishes several things. First, it creates a tidier, cleaner plant appearance. Second, deadheading stops seeds from forming, redirecting the plant’s energy into producing more flowers or more plant growth. This also eliminates unwanted seedlings from sprouting in the [...] Read Full Article
  • Gardening 101

    We understand gardening can seem intimidating to a new or beginner gardener. Today we’ll teach you about the basics of gardening. However, if you remember nothing else remember these two things: Some plants will die. We are working with nature and sometimes a plant that should work in your yard [...] Read Full Article