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Gardening A-Z

  • Deadheading, why is it important?

    To deadhead is to remove the spent flowers from plants—removing the “dead heads”. This accomplishes several things. First, it creates a tidier, cleaner plant appearance. Second, deadheading stops seeds from forming, redirecting the plant’s energy into producing more flowers or more plant growth. This also eliminates unwanted seedlings from sprouting in the [...] Read Full Article
  • 4 Good Bugs for Your Garden

    Help keep your garden in check with these good bugs that will help keep away the bad bugs that hurt or eat your plants   1. Ladybugs Besides being fun to discover and beautiful to look at, Ladybugs are great for getting rid of “bad bugs.” They feed on aphids, mites, scale, thrips [...] Read Full Article
  • Home-Grown Caprese Salad

    Enjoy the fruits of the garden with this easy to make fresh, bite size caprese salad. The perfect appetizer or salad for summer cookouts.   Ingredients Sweet 100 or Cherry Tomatoes Fresh Basil Fresh Mozzarella Cheese Olive Oil Fresh Cracked Pepper Toothpicks   Directions Pick the cherry tomatoes from your garden, or in a bind cherry tomatoes from the store, and [...] Read Full Article
  • Bright Spring Color

    For huge returns on investment, you can’t beat flowering trees and shrubs. They’ll lift your spirits every spring, year after year, providing you with cheerful hints of what’s to come in your garden. If placed right, they’ll become the “bones” of your garden; the backdrop for annual and perennial color [...] Read Full Article
  • Start Your Best Vegetable Garden Ever

    Great vegetable gardens start with great soil, and Spring's the time to get going. Remember, edible gardens produce a lot and use lots of nutrients to do it. So it makes sense that you’ve got to replenish the soil well at the beginning of each season.   Here are 5 easy steps [...] Read Full Article
  • Four Easy Steps to a Beautiful Shade Garden

    As our gardens mature, we find ourselves gardening in more shade. This can sometimes be discouraging as sun-loving plants fail to bloom or become leggy and sparse. When this happens our plant palettes must change. There are plenty of colorful plants that thrive in shady spots and appreciate the cooler temperatures a leafy tree canopy provides. A simple way to think of creating a shade garden is in [...] Read Full Article
  • Get in the Spirit of Green: Saint Patrick’s Day

    The original color of Saint Patrick’s Day was blue but over the years has become green. We think it’s because so many people love green and love to play in the dirt! Below are a few ways to get in the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day.   Shamrocks It’s believed that Saint Patrick [...] Read Full Article
  • Cold Weather Inspiration

    Select seeds for early spring planting. Spend some quiet, relaxed (and dry!) time pouring over Pike’s amazing seed selection of vegetables, herbs, cutting flowers, bedding plants and organic gourmet edibles.     Repot Houseplants. Just the smell of the fresh potting soil will be rewarding on a cold day. Choose a new, brightly-glazed [...] Read Full Article
  • Gardening 101

    We understand gardening can seem intimidating to a new or beginner gardener. Today we’ll teach you about the basics of gardening. However, if you remember nothing else remember these two things: Some plants will die. We are working with nature and sometimes a plant that should work in your yard [...] Read Full Article
  • How to Force Paperwhite & Amaryllis Bulbs for Christmas Blooms

    Paperwhites and amaryllises are classic holiday flowers that display the spirit of the season. If growing paperwhites and amaryllises from a bulb they take 4-6 weeks to bloom; if you forgot to plant the bulbs blooming paperwhites and amaryllis plants are available. Both Christmas flowers make excellent centerpieces since the [...] Read Full Article
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