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Gardening A-Z

  • Care for Pansies & Violas

    Refresh Spring & Summer Color Are your summer containers looking a little sad? It's time to replace your spring and summer color like petunias, begonias, marigolds, etc. Pansies & Violas Now is the time to plant pansies & violas so they can establish and provide garden and container garden color throughout fall, winter and [...] Read Full Article
  • Garland Measurements

    Front Entry Door (single) Dimensions 3.5 ft. x 7.5 ft. Amount of Garland 19 feet   Interior Door (single) Dimensions 3.5 ft. x 7.5 ft. Amount of Garland 19 feet   Mantle** Dimensions 6 ft. x 7 ft. across Amount of Garland 16 feet   Staircase* (8 ft. ceiling) Amount of Garland 14 feet   Staircase* (9 ft. ceiling) Amount of Garland 16 feet   For a fuller look, purchase double or triple the suggested amount and twist [...] Read Full Article
  • Christmas Tree Tips

    Look for a healthy green color. When you run your hand along the branch of the tree, the needles should hold tight and be flexible, not stiff and brittle. Make a fresh cut along the bottom of the trunk. This will enable the tree to absorb more water – we do this for you for FREE prior to loading! Use a [...] Read Full Article
  • Fall Gardening Cheat Sheet

    Fall is the best time of the year for planting! From exploring new fall foliage to adding color to the landscape, there are plenty of fall gardening activities to keep homeowners playing in the dirt all season long. Pike Nurseries has plenty of tips and supplies for gardeners of any level [...] Read Full Article
  • Pumpkins: Creative Ideas

    Wondering what to do with your pumpkin this year? Check out our top ten ideas for creative ways to use your pumpkin. 10. Make a Facial Mask: while this may sound a little crazy, pumpkins are rich in vitamins A, C and zinc which are great for sun damaged, dry or sensitive skin [...] Read Full Article
  • Crotons

    Codiaeums, more commonly known as crotons, are the perfect plant to celebrate fall with their colorful foliage and varying leaf forms. Use crotons alongside of mums and pumpkins for a festive fall display. Crotons prefer humid, warm conditions. They can be outdoors from spring through fall but will need to brought [...] Read Full Article
  • How Do You Know What Fertilizer to Use?

    Just like us, plants need food/nutrients to survive and thrive. Choosing the right fertilizer for your indoor or outdoor plants is easy once you understand just three little numbers listed on every fertilizer. Each fertilizer will show three numbers on the package that represent the percentage of a certain ingredient. Nitrogen The [...] Read Full Article
  • Mums

    Nothing epitomizes autumn like mums (chrysanthemums) with their burgundy, burnt orange or golden yellow flowers. Place large mums already in containers on the front step and pop smaller mums in any area begging for a burst of seasonal color. 1 Minute Mums If you need instant impact and only have one minute to [...] Read Full Article
  • Mulch

    Nature is always hard at work mulching. Out in the wilds, leaves drop continuously as plants try to protect their roots – an evolutionary stratagem used to conserve moisture, to help the soil retain warmth, or to suppress the growth of other competition. Mulching is nature’s way of creating vibrant and [...] Read Full Article
  • Essentials for Attracting Birds & Butterflies

    Shelter: Provide a safe refuge by adding trees, dense evergreen shrubs and conifers to your landscape. Bird and butterfly houses can supplement natural shelter. Food: In addition to bird feeders, plant flowering shrubs, perennials and vines as a natural food source. Any plant producing berries attract both birds and butterflies. Water: Birds and butterflies need water to [...] Read Full Article
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