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  • Get in the Spirit of Green: Saint Patrick’s Day

    The original color of Saint Patrick’s Day was blue but over the years has become green. We think it’s because so many people love green and love to play in the dirt! Below are a few ways to get in the spirit of Saint Patrick’s Day.



    It’s believed that Saint Patrick used the shamrock, a three-leaf plant, to explain the Holy Trinity. Shamrocks are now one of the most recognized symbols of Saint Patrick’s Day. Show your Irishness, or love for the Irish, with a shamrock in traditional green or try a purple shamrock.


    ‘Saint Patrick’ Rose

    This “pot of gold” rose is fool's gold. Under the right temperatures, these flowers can turn green! Plant a ‘Saint Patrick’ rose in full sun using well amended soil and enjoy its flowers come late spring and summer.

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    50 Shades of Green

    Celebrate green in your garden and be inspired with “50 Shades of Green”. Find plants with all shades of green from light green, blue-green, to red-green.

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