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  • Black Plants for Halloween Container Gardens

    Attract ghosts and goblins with plants black as the night this Halloween. Haunt up some Halloween magic and scare up some fun. 

    Black Mondo Grass is an eerie, dark evergreen groundcover with black foliage and white blooms. Use as a filler for your container gardens.Light: Grow in Sun to part shadeSize: 5-6 inches tall and wideBenefits: Evergreen, low maintenance
    'Black Scallop' Ajuga is a creepy, low growing, evergreen groundcover. Plant it close to the edge of your container and it will creep over the edge.Light: Part Sun to ShadeSize: 3 - 10 inches tall and 14 inches wideBenefits: Heat and drought tolerant, Evergreen
    Black pansies are as dark as black as a Witches hat with a velvety texture. For a quick and easy container simply plant a mix of black and orange pansies.Light: Sun to part sunSize: 5 - 10 inches tall and wideBenefits: Winter blooms
    Ornamental Red Mustard is black with a bubbly texture like monster skin. Light: Full sunSize: 12 - 14 inches tallBenefits: Grows beautifully in the cold winter months
    Black Millet. The striking foliage Black Millet is topped with black blooms. It is an excellent focal point in a container. But listen for the cackle of the black crow - birds love millet.Light: Full sunSize: 5 feet tall and 3 feet wideBenefits: Tall graceful form with an airy feel, attracts birds

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