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  • How to Attract Birds to Your Backyard

    It doesn't matter how big or how small your yard may be, there are plenty of ways to attract birds.

    Approximately 350 species of birds live in Georgia and it's easy to attract a variety of birds to your backyard.

    • 3 Essentials to Attract Birds
      1. Food
      2. Water
      3. Shelter
    • Food
      • Seeds like Pike Special Mix Bird Seed¬†Attracts Songbirds such as:
        • Cardinals that are loved for their red color
        • Eastern Towhees
        • Finches
        • Sparrows and wrens and also woodpeckers and Blue Jays
      • Thistle Seed¬†Attracts:
        • Finches
        • Chickadees
        • Tufted Titmouse
      • Suet
        • Especially good this time of year when there's less natural food in the landscape
        • Suet is like an energy bar for birds
        • Suet Attracts:
          • Colorful woodpeckers
          • Nuthatches
          • Wrens
          • Bluebirds
          • Brown Thrasher
          • Blue Jays
          • Mockingbirds
    • Feeders
      • Look for easy-to-clean, quality feeders
      • Feeder options:
        • Metal and mesh tube feeders for seed and thistle seed
        • Wood feeders for seed
        • Squirrel proof feeders and accessories
        • Hummingbird feeders
        • Suet cages
    • Shelter
      1. Bird Houses
        • Come in a variety of sizes and shapes for a variety of birds
        • Bird houses should be functional & decorative
      2. Plants like trees and evergreen shrubs also provide shelter
    • Water
      1. Birdbath
      2. Mini Birdbath
      3. Fountains
    • Prepare for the Cold
      • Prepare for a frost by:
        • Applying 1-2 inches of mulch to you landscape to help insulate the ground
        • Group containers together and try to bring them near the house

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