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  • How to Choose the Perfect Christmas Tree

    Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree

    Nothing says Christmas like the scent of a fresh-cut Christmas tree. And here are some tips for choosing the best, freshest Christmas tree.

    • Purchase a Christmas tree that is being kept in a shady, protected area. Christmas trees that are being sold outside in parking lots get direct sunlight which dries the tree out.
    • Look at the Christmas tree from all angles to make sure it is uniform and there aren't any broken branches or gaps. In our Christmas tree forests our trees are stood and not bound so you can easily walk around the tree to check it.
    • The Christmas tree should have a healthy green color. When you run your hand along the branch of the tree, the needles should stay put and not come off in your hand. A Christmas tree with stiff and brittle needles is too dry and  will soon turn brown and drop its needles.


    Which tree is right for you? 

    Fraser Fir is the most popular of all the Christmas trees. It has deep, rich green needles that are ½ and inch to an inch long. It shaped like a pyramid and has a lovely scent. This tree is for the traditionalists: If your number one requirement in a Christmas tree is ‘that Christmas tree smell’ then this is the tree for you.

    Noble Fir has one inch bluish-green needles that lie along flat branches. Its lightly fragrant, sturdy branches support the weight of heavier ornaments. This tree is the decorators dream: If you have a collection of large or heavy ornaments choose the Noble fir.

    Nordmann Fir has been a favorite in Europe for many years and is the most commonly grown Christmas tree in Germany and Norway. Nordmann Fir have symmetrically arranged strong branches with short, dark, shiny green needles that are soft and lay flat. They have very little fragrance. This tree is the best Christmas tree for anyone with allergies since it has little scent and sheds the fewest, if any, needles.

    Silvertip Fir is new this year. Its very popular in the western United States. Silvertip is symmetrical with very wide spacing between branches, even more than a Noble fir. It smells wonderful and has silver/blue tips at the ends of the branches. This tree is for the perfect for the minimalist or modernist decorator who likes a clean architectural look. Decorators will also like the wide spacing  between the branches with plenty of room for ornaments.

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