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How-To Videos

Got a lawn or garden care dilemma? Pike Nurseries can help with instructional how-to videos to show you how to create a great landscape or garden.
  • January Gardening Tips

    Even in January you can get out and play in the dirt! Houseplants When the holiday decorations are taken down, fill the void with houseplants. Houseplants come in nearly every size, shape and color Very easy to grow since your house's climate is pretty consistent  Cold Protection Our streak of unseasonably warm [...] Read Full Article
  • Choosing a Houseplant

    Houseplants are a great way to decorate your home and give it some life. Most houseplants also help clean the air of toxins, making your home healthier. Determining Your Light The only thing you need to know when you come to Pike Nurseries to select your houseplant is what type of light [...] Read Full Article
  • Attracting Birds & Butterflies

    Approximately 350 species of birds live in Georgia at some point in their life. Most Atlanta-area homes can attract about 20 different types of birds to their backyard. 3 Items to attract birds & butterflies Food Water Shelter 1. Food Hummingbirds and butterflies prefer perennials and flowering shrubs for nectar/food Some favorite plants: Early Season Favorites: Dianthus Verbena Both are great [...] Read Full Article
  • Choosing Spring-Summer Shade Annuals

    Before choosing annuals for your garden, determine what kind of sunlight you have; this will guide you in choosing plants that will thrive in your garden. Determine Your Sunlight Shade: Areas that receive less than 3 hours of shade and are shaded most of the day Partial Shade: Areas where the sun is [...] Read Full Article
  • Caring for Orchids

    Orchids are a great, easy houseplant to grow. Their blooms last for weeks if not months. 3 Types of Orchids Phalaenopsis Dendrobium Cymbidium What to look for when choosing an orchid You want to choose an orchid that will bloom as long as possible Choose an orchid with half blooms and half buds This will give you flowers [...] Read Full Article
  • Creating a Terrarium

    Creating your own terrarium is a quick and simple project that will add some greenery to any home. I. What is a Terrarium? a. Terrariums are mini gardens that create their own little ecosystem b. Terrariums are typical planted in some type of clear glass container II. Choose a glass container a. There are [...] Read Full Article
  • Herbs for Spring & Summer Basics

    Home-grown herbs are a great way to enhance your food and they look great in the garden.  Here are some ideas tips for choosing, planting, and caring for summer and spring herbs.   Find a Sunny Spot Nearly all herbs need full sun or at least afternoon sun If there’s not an area in [...] Read Full Article
  • Hydrangea Guide: Choosing, Planting, and Care

    Tips for choosing, planting, and caring for your hydrangeas.   Why plant a hydrangea? Hydrangeas are a fast growing, hardy plant with huge globes or cylinder of blooms Many hydrangea varieties bloom from late spring to fall Flowers colors range from white, pink, lavender, purple and blue and some can change depending on soil acidity [...] Read Full Article
  • Tips for Watering your Garden

    Watering at certain times of the day and with different types of instruments can help you water more efficiently and save money.   Lawn Watering Tips Reduce lawn watering Most homeowners water their lawns too much. Reduce your total watering by as much as 50% - lawn will be healthier and just as lush [...] Read Full Article
  • The Basics of Container Gardening

    Container Gardening is a great way to add a focal point to a big space or allow for gardening in a small space.  Here are some tips for choosing plants, planting them and caring for the plants in the container. Container gardens are just as unique and diverse as gardens. There [...] Read Full Article
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