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Got a lawn or garden care dilemma? Pike Nurseries can help with instructional how-to videos to show you how to create a great landscape or garden.
  • The Basics of Succulents

    Succulents are beautiful plants with low care needed; here are some tips for choosing, planting and caring for them. Succulents continue to be one of the biggest trends in gardening and it’s no surprise because they are very easy! What are Succulents? Plants that store water in various structures, such as leaves and [...] Read Full Article
  • The Basics of Perennials

    Here are some of the basics for perennials to help you choose, plant, and care for them year after year. Perennials are plants that come back for years Unlike annuals which only last one or two seasons, most perennials bloom for many week and then rest until next year There are many perennials to choose [...] Read Full Article
  • Tips for Choosing Plants for Your Garden

    Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect plants for your particular garden.  I.   First, look at how much sun the garden gets. Full sun Location receives 6-8 hours of full sun each day. Partial sun 3-6 hours of sun a day, usually in the late morning to the early afternoon. Partial shade Sun [...] Read Full Article
  • What abundant rain means for your garden

    Here are some helpful tips on what you can do in your garden when it rains day after day. Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5   Fertilize The rain leaches nutrients from the soil, which means it's more important to fertilize; this is especially true in hanging baskets, window boxes [...] Read Full Article
  • Ladybugs: They're good for your garden

    You might spend lots of time trying to get rid of bugs, but did you know they can be good for your garden?  Beneficial Bugs What are beneficial insects? "Good Bugs" vs. "Bad Bugs" - Bad bugs feed on plants and cause damage (i.e., aphids, whitefly, scale).  Good bugs feed on bad bugs [...] Read Full Article
  • Tomatoes - Choosing, Planting, and Care Tips

    Growing tomatoes is easy and you’ll be rewarded with juicy, flavorful tomatoes you can use on sandwiches, in salads or salsa and more. Visit your neighborhood Pike Nurseries and let us help you pick the perfect tomatoes for your garden.   Find a Sunny Spot Tomatoes need at least 6 hours of sunlight If [...] Read Full Article
  • Succulent Ideas & Care Tips

    Succulents are one of the biggest trends in gardening.  They're easy to grow, drought tolerant and require almost no maintenance.      What are succulents? Succulents are plants that store water in various structures, such as leaves and stems. They are very heat and drought tolerant. Why are succulents popular? Succulents are extremely diverse and come in many [...] Read Full Article
  • Suggestions for Container Gardens

    Container gardens are just as unique and diverse as gardens. There are different styles of container gardens for your patio, porch and even for inside your home. You can plant traditional flower container gardens or even a vegetable garden. Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5   The Key to [...] Read Full Article
  • Choosing and Planting your Vegetables

    Getting Your Vegetable Bed Ready to Plant Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5 Location: All vegetables, fruit and herbs need an area that receives full sun. Soil Vegetables, fruit and herbs all need a good nutrient, rich soil to thrive. If planting in the ground you must amend our dense red [...] Read Full Article
  • Tips on planting tomatoes

    Tomatoes are fun and easy to plant and they are also economical because they are a lot less expensive than buying them at the grocery store. Here are some tips to help you get going. Tips for Planting Tomatoes   Step 1: Find a Sunny Spot Tomatoes and nearly all vegetables and herbs prefer [...] Read Full Article
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