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  • Keeping bugs out of your backyard

    Tips on how to keep bugs out of your backyard this summer!

    Here are some ways to keep bugs from invading your BBQ's and outdoor parties this summer.

    Deterring Mosquitoes
     - The best way to reduce mosquitoes is to make sure you don't have any stagnant water.

    1. Turn over empty pots, lids, etc so they don't collect water
    2. Clean/refill bird baths regularly

    Beneficial Plants
    1. Rosemary: Has an oil that repels mosquitoes
    2. Marigolds: Marigolds have a smell that many insects and humans find objectionable. It's a good plant for repelling mosquitoes as well as insects that can attack vegetable plants and aphids.


    1. Variety of citronella candles, etc.

    Amazon Lights

    1. Has a blend of aromatic essential oils from Brazilian andiroba with citronella, rosemary and thyme
    2. Contain 300 to 500 percent more essential oils than the majority of citronella products

    Fire Ants -- Known for their lively and aggressive behavior and their sting is painful

    Bonide Fire Ant Killer
    1. Provides season long ant control
    2. Apply to mounds or apply all over as prevention

    Yellow Jackets
    1. They look like a bee but have a thin "waist" (bees have a thick waist)
    2. Spray with Foam Wasp/Yellow Jacket


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