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    Nothing epitomizes autumn like mums (chrysanthemums) with their burgundy, burnt orange or golden yellow flowers. Place large mums already in containers on the front step and pop smaller mums in any area begging for a burst of seasonal color.

    1 Minute Mums
    If you need instant impact and only have one minute to spare choose a mum in a 12-inch pot. They have hundreds of blooms that form one large mass. Simply place them on a doorstep or place the entire pot in the garden.

    5 Minute Mums
    If you have a few minutes get creative with mums in a gallon or 4-inch pot. The smaller size allows you to tuck them in throughout the garden and play with different color combinations. Plant in mass to create a bolder statement in the garden.

    The Basics: Sun, Soil & Water 
    Choose a place in your garden, entrance or patio that receives:
    • Full Sun: Location receives 6-8 hours of full sun each day.
    • Partial Sun: areas that receive 3-6 hours of sun a day, usually in the late morning to the early afternoon.

    If you’re planting your mums in the garden make sure the soil has good drainage. If you have clay soil (determine your soil type) with poor drainage add Pike Planting Mix to your soil. Plant your mums about an inch deeper than they were in the nursery pot. While it’s tempting to squish the plants next to each other, give them some breathing space to thrive.

    Mums need to be watered frequently for a shorter duration then most plants since their roots are extremely shallow. In hot, dry areas they may need to be watered once a day. Try adding mulch on top of your soil to help lock in moisture and prevent water evaporation.

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