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  • Ornamental Grass

    Gardens can showcase a variety of interesting components, from colors, shapes, sizes, scents, textures and even movement. Ornamental grass can add a whimsical flare and movement to your garden and container gardens.


    Why Ornamental Grass?

    • Grasses are very versatile, easy to grow and need very little care
    • The colors and light texture of ornamental grasses feel like fall and are great for added interest this time of year


    Varieties of Ornamental Grass

    • There are many, many types of ornamental grasses from short yellow grasses, medium green and cream variegated grasses to tall grasses with feather-like plumes


    Uses for Ornamental Grass

    • The uses for ornamental grass are as abundant as there are varieties
    • The shorter grasses work great for adding height to container gardens
      • For larger container gardens that may flank a door use a medium ornamental grass to give the container more dramatic height
    • Use large ornamental grasses in the landscape


    Caring for Ornamental Grass

    • Generally there are two types of ornamental grasses:
      • Warm Season: Don't start growing until mid to late spring
      • Cut back between December or at the latest April 1
    • We recommend wanting until March so that you get the beauty of the grass throughout the winter
      • Cool Season: Start growing at the beginning of spring before temperatures exceed 75 degrees
      • Cut back at the end of March
    • When it's time to trim back the grass, trim as close to the ground as possible
      • Some grasses get quite dense, so you'll only get about 6 inches from the ground

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