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  • Crape Myrtle: The 100 Day Tree

    A Southern favorite, crape myrtles offer a year-round show: gorgeous summer flowers, brilliant fall color, and attractive peeling bark.  Nicknamed the “100 Day Tree” because of its long bloom time, crape myrtles are deer resistant, heat and drought tolerant, and can grow in any type of soil, as long as [...] Read Full Article
  • Custom Indoor and Outdoor Container Gardens

      Decorate your home inside and out with magazine-worthy container gardens. Choose from pre-made, living container gardens designed and planted by well-known Atlanta floral designer Mara Santiago. Want something extra special? Work one-on-one with Mara to create a custom arrangement for your specific style and occasion. Arrange your appointment by contacting [...] Read Full Article
  • Father's Day Gift Guide 2016

  • Plants for Pollinators

    Want to make sure you have healthy, prolific plants? Help pollinators—including butterflies, birds and bees—help you!  Tips to Create a Pollinator-Friendly Garden Choose nectar- and pollen-rich plants that vary in bloom-times. This way, pollinators will have food for as long as possible in the growing season. Choose plants that offer a range of [...] Read Full Article
  • Mother's Day Gift Guide 2016

       For DIY Gift Ideas visit our Pinterest page >          Read Full Article
  • DIY Blooming Easter Basket

      Create a blooming basket for your home or to give as a gift. This basket features blooming pink Anthuriums. The heart shaped flowers are long lasting and thrive in medium to high light indoors. It's complimented by a Bird's nest fern which adds some height and lighter green foliage. A [...] Read Full Article
  • Spring Gifts and Decor

    Let the beauty of each season shine not only in the garden but in your home and office. Pike Nurseries carries a great selection of garden-inspired décor and gifts. Just like the garden, the assortment of garden gifts and décor changes with the seasons and the holidays.  [...] Read Full Article
  • Watering Can Planter DIY

    Nothing says I love you like a hand made gift! Treat your sweetie to a unique container garden inspired by the traditional colors of Valentine's Day. Pink and red Primrose are the star of the show with fragrant variegated thyme trailing around it.                         Start by drilling 3 small holes in the [...] Read Full Article
  • How to Plant a Rose

         Pike Rose Favorites >     Read Full Article
  • Pike Rose Favorites

      7 Easy Steps to Plant a Rose > Read Full Article
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