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  • Late Winter Container Garden

    Full to Partial Sun Project Brighten up winter days with this colorful container garden. Bold colors of Primrose are the star while ferns and ivy add foliage texture. Recipe: A – Autumn Fern B – Primrose C – Algerian Ivy   Shopping List: 1 – 12- 14” container 1 – 1 gallon Autumn Fern 4 – 4” Primrose 2  - 4” [...] Read Full Article
  • Signs of Spring

    Signs of Spring   It's that time of year when we start to see signs of spring, and we get excited for the season to begin. The Witchhazels, Camellias, Edeworthias, and Helleborus are blooming away. left to right: Witchhazel, Camellia, Edgeworthia, Helleborus While the Japanese Pieris, Forsythia and Quince are heavily budded and [...] Read Full Article
  • February Orchid Container Garden

    High Indoor Light Roses are Red and this orchid is too! Create an orchid arrangement for your sweetheart that will last much longer than cut flowers. They will bloom for weeks if not months. The ‘Sharry Baby’ Oncidium orchid, is also known as the Chocolate orchid. It gets it’s name from it’s [...] Read Full Article
  • February Lawn & Garden Tips

    In the Garden Don’t Forget your Sweetheart. Roses are always a favorite and Pike Nurseries has the best selection of rose bushes. Blooming azaleas, hydrangeas and tulips are also beautiful. Plant Daphne. Winter daphne (daphne odora) is in bloom. Plant by entrances and walkways and enjoy its sweet scent. Prune Now, Enjoy this [...] Read Full Article
  • Houseplant Container Garden in a Tall Wood Pot

     Low to Medium Light This tall arrangement is perfect for a sofa table, buffet or any table or counter that needs a little extra height. This arrangement is a harmony of dark green with the interest in the vast array of textures.   Shopping List: 1 – Wood Planter Tall 1 –  Asparagus Fern 1 – Indian [...] Read Full Article
  • A Birdhouse for Succulents

    Planting container gardens in random objects is a huge garden trend. If there’s room for soil and a drainage hole then you have a winner! A combination of easy-care succulents have made this pretty purple birdhouse home.  Read Full Article
  • Bold Houseplants

    Winter is the perfect time to play in the dirt inside. The strappy foliage of orchids and bromeliads complement each other and the combination of these plants treats you with multiple pops of color. Go bold with a bright orange bromeliad and a white and purple patterned orchid. Play with [...] Read Full Article
  • Rustic Houseplant Container Garden

     Medium Indoor Light Natural wood planters with rustic plant combinations is a growing garden trend. The airy fern selections combined with the strappy foliage of a dracaena and accented with lime green reindeer moss make a striking combination.  Shopping List: 1- Wood Planter 1-  Rabbit Foot Fern 1 – Sanguinea ‘Ruby Red’ 1 – Dracaena ‘Florida [...] Read Full Article
  • New Roses for 2014

    New Roses for 2014 We can all 'Jump for Joy'  because we have new roses to choose from in 2014! While you can't go wrong with the classics like 'Mr. Lincoln', 'Queen Elizabeth', and 'Iceberg' or workhorse roses like the Knockouts, it's fun to find new varieties to plant in your [...] Read Full Article
  • The Cardinal Rules

    The Cardinal Rules 4 Steps to Attract Cardinals to Your Backyard Cardinals are beautiful birds that don't migrate. They live here year round. During winter we have an even better opportunity to watch them when the males' brilliant red feathers stand out as they're perched in trees whose leaves have fallen. The [...] Read Full Article
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