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Hydrangea Jubilee - Saturday, May 10th

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Hydrangea Jubilee Make & TakeDIY Make & Take Floral Container Garden at 10 am*

Create a planted gift mom will love. Join us for a make & take class to get hands on help from our floral gift experts.

*Pay only for supplies used.


All About Hydrangeas ClassAll About Hydrangeas at 1pm

During this free class, our plant experts will offer tips and information on growing these elegant landscape shrubs.

Contact your store for more information

Top 10 Rose Varieties for 2014

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American’s love roses. From their beautiful form, colors and types, these popular flowers are always a garden favorite and are perfect for cutting and bringing indoors. Roses come in an array of colors from the classic red, buttery yellow, sunset orange and many more. They come in many forms from bushes, trees and even ground covers. The options are almost endless. Here are some of the most popular rose varieties of 2014 that will thrive in southern gardens.


PINK DOUBLE KNOCK OUT Rose at Pike Nurseries1)      Knock Out Roses: These make a great garden addition by being low maintenance and disease resistant. There are three very popular kinds of Knock Outs. The Red Double Knock Out with its candy apple red flowers and a slight spicy fragrance is the most popular of the Knock Outs. Second, the Pink Double Knock Out makes a superb landscape rose with its ‘bubblegum’ pink petals. Lastly, the Sunny Knock Out produces masses of bright butter yellow blossoms all season long.


POPCORN DRIFT Rose at Pike Nurseries2)      Drift Roses: Another well-known family of roses are the Drift Roses.  These come in a variety of colors and styles with the popular Red Drift, Popcorn Drift and Pink Drift. The scarlet-red blooms with no noticeable fragrance cover the low creeping Red Drift shrub. The Popcorn Drift has very small blooms starting off yellow and then fading to white. The Pink Drift has hot pink, semi-double, lightly fragrant flowers with a soft pink center that will create an incredible floral show from spring to winter.


White Out Rose3)      White Out: Aptly named, these white blossoms are produced in such quantity that it literally obliterates the foliage. This totally disease free rose has citrusy fragrant flowers with up to 9 petals. It makes a great border, landscape or container plant.




Mister Lincoln Rose at Pike Nurseries4)      Mister Lincoln: This has been called one of the most popular roses of all time with its large, shapely buds that open to deep rich, velvety reds. It is accompanied by wafts of rich fragrance. These plants are tall and stately while the blooms are on top of long straight stems. Each flower can have up to 35 petals. Mister Lincoln also has good disease resistance.


New Dawn Rose5)      New Dawn: This climbing rose of up to 20 feet blooms on new and old wood with an intense tea rose fragrance. The flowers are masses of soft pink blooms, with up to 35 petals. New Dawn also has good disease resistance.




KETCHUP & MUSTARD Rose at Pike Nurseries6)      Ketchup and Mustard: The perfectly formed brilliant red and bright yellow blossoms adorn this adorable tree rose all season long. This fast selling rose makes a breathtaking accent for the garden, walks or in containers.


Julia Child Rose7)      Julia Child: Butter gold old-fashioned blossoms combined with the fragrance of licorice candy makes this a mouth-watering recipe every gardener will crave. This was hand selected by Julia Child herself a few weeks before her passing. The Julia Child rose is a great border or low hedge and a lovely tribute to an American icon.


St Patrick Rose8)      St. Patrick: A pot of gold awaits you at the end of this rainbow. But the pot of gold is fool’s gold, because under the right temperatures, these flowers can turn green. The lovely, yellow-gold-green lightly fragrant flowers are borne on long, strong stems. The green color gets enhanced with warmer weather.


TWILIGHT ZONE Rose9)      Twilight Zone: This grandiflora rose has large round buds that develop into double old-fashioned flowers of deep velvet purple covered in a purple haze with a strong clove and spice scent.




Don Juan Rose10)   Don Juan: This large-flowered climber can grow up to 14 feet high. Don Juan blooms on both new and old wood, developing masses of deep red blossoms with up to 35 petals of a strong fragrance. 


See an overview of the roses we carry throughout the year in our plant library >

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January Lawn & Garden Tips

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In the Garden

  • Plant & Transplant: Trees and non-blooming shrubs can be easily planted and transplanted now so they can develop their root system before the Southern summer heat arrives. Wait for a warm day when the ground is not frozen or overly wet.
  • Protect Plants for the Cold. If a freeze is expected, make sure that the soil around all outdoor plants has been watered well. Plants in containers can be grouped close together on a porch or patio, or moved to a protected area. Be sure tender plants, such as pansy beds or emerging bulb foliage, are mulched well with pine straw or bark.
  • Time to Prune. Now is good time to prune overgrown trees and shrubs. Do not prune spring flowering trees and shrubs like dogwoods, flowering cherries and azaleas. Wait until after they bloom to prune them.
  • Color in Your Garden. Plant pansies, violas, hellebores, camellias, witch hazel and more for winter garden blooms.


In the House

  • Good Bye Christmas. It’s time to take down the Christmas tree and decorations. Fill the void with houseplants. 
  • Fill in with Houseplants. Foliage and flowering houseplants add some much needed winter color to your indoor space while cleaning the air.
  • Turn your Plants: Turn houseplants half way so they don’t grow too much toward the light.


For the Lawn

  • Mower Maintenance. Now is a good time to clean and maintain your lawn mower and other gardening equipment.


For the Birds

  • Feed the Birds. Food sources are scarce at this time of year. Besides seed, suet cakes will attract many birds and provide the calories they need to maintain their body heat.
  • Keep Birdbaths Full. The birds are counting on you for fresh water, not frozen. Add a water wiggler to birdbaths to prevent the water from freezing.
  • Read more about winter birding in our Birding Guide
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Orchid Container Garden

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Medium Indoor Light

Plant an orchid container garden to ring in the New Year! Ferns surround the orchids with soft foliage and small wooden branches provide decorative supports for the stems of flowers.

Shopping List:

1 – Bowl ( 14 – 16 inches wide)
3 – Phalaenopsis orchids (4 inch pots)
3 - 4 Inch Ferns (We used Boston fern, Ming fern, Lemon Button fern, and Frosty Fern)
1 –  Bag of Pike potting soil



A – Phalaenopsis Orchid
B – Boston fern
C – Ming Fern
D – Lemon Button Fern

E – Frosty Fern - Selaginella


Click Here for a Printer-Friendly version

Get tips on caring for orchids with our how to video > 


See what is blooming now at Pikes, check us out on Instagram >

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Inside our Culture

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Gardening without Guesswork
These three little words guide all of Our actions at Pike Nurseries from how we engage with Our customers, to the products we bring into Our stores and with Our operational excellence.


Proactive Customer Engagement
Our customers are always Our number one priority each and every day. We greet customers as they enter the store, approach them to learn about their current garden projects, projects they may have in the future, offer them everything they need to be successful in the garden including special orders, and even load their cars for them. This way of business extends beyond the store and we proactively engage customers with timely garden tips through email, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and more – we are available when and where Our customers need us.


Garden Success
We only carry products and services that we feel confident will be successful for Our customers. We select plants and garden related products that work well in Our climate. Upon arrival we carefully inspect the plants and products before they are available for sale. We take rigorous steps to ensure the health and care of Our plants – it doesn’t matter if it’s 20 or 100 degrees!


Greatest Asset is Our People
Our greatest asset is Our people – Our friendly, knowledgeable associates are the heart of Our company. We invest in Our associate’s development and have fun in all we do. We reward hard work with luncheons, cash rewards if we’ve had a great season, Christmas parties and more.


Pike Nurseries Philanthropy
Supporting the communities that support us is an important part of the Pike Nurseries philosophy. Last year Pike Nurseries donated over $25,000 to local non-profits, schools and community groups. Each Christmas, Pike Nurseries partners with Clark Howard’s Clark’s Christmas Kids to fulfill the Christmas wish lists of foster children in Georgia. Pike Associates take time out during the busy Christmas season to shop for the Christmas gifts. 


Learn about Our Development &Training program >

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College Students & Graduates

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Put education into practice and start your career at Pike Nurseries. If you love working with people and are ready to become a strong leader/coach you’re a perfect fit for Pike Nurseries! Business or horticulture majors are strongly encouraged to apply.

We actively seek college graduates for our manager trainee program, department head positions and more. We’re visiting local universities; follow us on Linkedin to see where we will be.


 Learn about specific positions and career paths available >

Contact your store for more information

Position Highlights & Career Paths

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Get to know some of our people and positions a little bit better, read below for first-hand accounts from some of our current associates.


Position: Cashier

When did you start at Pike Nurseries?

I started at Pike Nurseries in March of 1999 – right before the spring season.

What has helped in your career development at Pike Nurseries?

The people here including my store manager and coworkers. The people here are very positive and encouraging.

What is your favorite thing about working for Pike Nurseries?

Interacting with customers! I have many regulars and I enjoy working with them each day and getting to know them. 

How would you describe the culture at Pike Nurseries?

The team at Pike Nurseries is open to opinions and suggestions. We are all very goal oriented.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about starting a career at Pike Nurseries?

Pike Nurseries has an awesome environment, is fun, and is a great company to work for. I love what I do.

Other interesting tidbits?

I look forward to going to work. I enjoy working alongside my co-workers and chatting with my customers.

Brian Albini
Current Position: Landscape Designer

When did you start at Pike Nurseries and what position did you hold?

I started with Pike Nurseries in July of 2009 as a Contract Designer.

What helped in your career development at Pike Nurseries?

Working with great mentors really helped me to develop both the design chops and a better business sense within the design / install industry. The simple act of walking through the nurseries and taking notes on all of the plants and materials that we offer really helped me increase my product knowledge and to get excited about all that we offer.

What is your favorite thing about working for Pike Nurseries?

Favorite thing about working in this position is meeting the customers and working to bring the landscape that they have in their minds eye into reality

How would you describe the culture at Pike Nurseries?

The culture here is one of taking care of each and every customer in a way that they understand how important they are to us and how much we care about their projects and goals.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about starting a career at Pike Nurseries?

The best advice to someone thinking about starting a career at Pike is for them to understand that they need to possess a passion not only for plant material, but also for helping and interacting with people.

Current Position: Store Manager

When did you start at Pike Nurseries and what position did you hold?

I started back in March of 1996 as a loader and have worked my way through the company and am now a store manager.

What helped in your career development at Pike Nurseries?

Great Mentors! along with being surrounded by a great team that helped me develop my career skills. I was also flexible to take any opportunity that became available.


What is your favorite thing about working for Pike Nurseries?

I truly enjoy plants and being outside. What better place to work for that?

How would you describe the culture at Pike Nurseries?

The culture at Pike Nurseries is very entrepreneurial in a structured environment. It allows you to have a voice in the progress of the company.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about starting a career at Pike Nurseries?

The business is fast paced and changes with the seasons. Be prepared for hard work that is very rewarding.

Other interesting tidbits?

Everything is interesting, I don’t know where to begin! I am very competitive and I work best with a team that is competitive. I enjoy learning about new plants and keeping my knowledge up to date.

Position: Store Manager

When did you start at Pike Nurseries and what position did you hold?

I started at Pike Nurseries back in September of 2002 as a cashier.

What helped in your career development at Pike Nurseries?

I took the GGIA test to become a Georgia Plant Profession and realized I had a real passion for plants.


What is your favorite thing about working for Pike Nurseries?

I love being outside most of the day. I love the change in seasons and the change in the plants and products we carry.

How would you describe the culture at Pike Nurseries?

Pike Nurseries is friendly and neighborly. Our staff truly cares about plants.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about starting a career at Pike Nurseries?

It’s a lot of hard work, but if you love working with people and plants and love what you do you will fit right in.

Current Position: Vice President of Merchandise, Armstrong Garden Centers & Pike Nurseries

Why did you choose Armstrong Garden Centers/Pike Nurseries?

I have been involved in Agriculture /Gardening in college and my entire professional career. I worked at one of the big box stores and the opportunity to be part of the largest independent garden center was extremely compelling.

What helped in your career development?

In this industry the majority of your career development comes from hands-on knowledge. It is imperative that you understand the business and challenges that face the store associates, our supplier partners and most importantly get feedback from our customers.

What is your favorite thing about working for Armstrong Garden Centers/Pike Nurseries?

There is never a dull moment. With the seasonality of the gardening business you are constantly changing and planning your assortment from season to season. In addition to this, it has to be the people that are in this industry from the people that work in our stores to our suppliers, everyone has one common thread and that is that they love gardening.

How would you describe the culture at Armstrong Garden Centers/Pike Nurseries?

Cutting edge, we can never be satisfied with what we are currently doing. We are constantly looking for new products and ways to merchandise and promote our brand promise of “Gardening Without Guesswork”.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about starting a career at Armstrong Garden Centers/Pike Nurseries?

You are joining a company where all level of associates can make a difference. Also roll up your sleeves and try to do every task, share your ideas and have an open mind to learn as much as possible from our seasoned veterans.

Monte Enright, Certified Nurseryman
Current Position: President, Armstrong Garden Centers & Pike Nurseries

In 1985, I started with Nurseryland as a maintenance associate, not anticipating that I’d turn my part-time job while in school into my career. I started full time for Armstrong Garden Centers in 1987. It was a fun, energetic place and I worked with a great team that trained and nurtured me in the business. I was eager to learn more and worked very hard to keep advancing through the organization. I went from sales associate, Assistant Manager, Store Manager, Regional Manager, Executive Vice President of Operations and now President of Armstrong Garden Centers and Pike Nurseries.

I take great pride in Armstrong Garden Centers and Pike Nurseries’ teams.  Each and every person in our great organization is important in the customer’s experience with our brand.  I focus the entire team on the most important person in this business – the customer – and how we can best serve them.  If you work hard, understand our customer and are constantly trying to exceed our customers’ expectations you will determine your career path at Armstrong Garden Centers and Pike Nurseries.



Check out our Current Career Opportunities >

Contact your store for more information

Career Opportunities

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At Pike Nurseries, we are always looking for customer-focused, friendly Associates for our retail nurseries and landscape installation division. Our Associates are the face of Pike Nurseries and the key to our success.

We’re focused on exceptional proactive customer service from the moment the customer walks in until we load up their car. Our number one job is to help our customer’s garden without guesswork. If you love working with people, we have great retail and landscape installation positions available for those at every gardening level; no green thumb required.


 Learn more about being in a specific role in our Position Highlights >

Contact your store for more information

Rosemary Cone

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Full Sun Project

Plant a fragrant evergreen rosemary cone in a traditional urn and dress it up with rich, red berries for Christmas.

Shopping List:

1 – Urn ( 16 – 18 inches wide)
1 – Rosemary Cone
3 – Variegated Ivy
3 – White pansies or violas
2 – Dusty Miller
5 – Stem artificial Holly Berries (with wired stems)



A – Rosemary
B – Variegated ivy
C – White violas
D – Dusty Miller



CLICK HERE for a Printer-Friendly Download


Get tips on how to put together a container garden with our How-to Video >


See what is blooming now at Pikes, check us out on Instagram >

Contact your store for more information

Snow Flocked Christmas Trees - the making of

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You might be wishing for a 'white Christmas', but here in the south, you're pretty much out of luck. Still, there is a way to get the beauty of a snow-covered tree this time of year.


Snow Flocking

  • Even though we live in the south you can enjoy a white Christmas with snow flocked Christmas trees and wreaths
  • The snow flock is safe for children & pets and is made of:
    • Bleached paper/pulp
    • Corn starch
    • Borax (commonly used in soap)
  • The snow flocking seals in moisture so you don’t have to water the tree


How to Snow Flock a Tree/Wreath

  • We choose the best shaped Christmas trees since the snow flock really enhanced the trees shaped
  • Place the Christmas tree on a stand
  • Place the tree on a rotating platform
  • Turn on the “snow flocking machine”
    • The white snow flock gets mixed with water so it activates the “glue” and sticks to the tree
  • Lightly flock the tree moving the sprayer up and down
    • You can flock the trees as lightly or as heavy as the desired look


Learn about the types of Christmas Trees we carry >

Get decorating tips in the Playing in the Dirt Blog >

Contact your store for more information
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