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  • April Lawn & Garden Tips

    In the Garden Color Your Garden. If no frost is in the forecast, plant colorful annuals (plants that have a lifecycle of one growing season) like petunias, geraniums and marigolds in the sun and coleus, impatiens and green-leaf begonias in the shade. Spring has Sprung. Plant just about anything your heart desires [...] Read Full Article
  • New for 2014

    New for 2014   Introducing... Dahlia Dalaya, Coleus Kong Jr., and Hydrangea Bloom Struck.  Gardeners look forward each season to find something new to grow, a new prized plant to plant in their gardens. And, each year growers introduce new varieties of plants. This year brings three exciting selections.   Dahlia Dalaya is sure [...] Read Full Article
  • Pet Food & Supplies at Pike Nurseries Lake Oconee

    As a convenience to our customers, Pike Nurseries Lake Oconee is proud to now be offering Pet Food & Supplies in-store.  You'll find a full line of Earthborn Holistic Pet Food for your cats and dogs as well as everything else they need to keep them happy and healthy.   Pet Supplies In [...] Read Full Article
  • Determining Cold Damage

    Determining Cold Damage The record breaking freezing temperatures this past winter caused damage to many plants that make it through most winters unscathed.  Some of the damage was immediately apparent. The fleshy stems of the aloe in the photo to the left, showed severe damage within the first 24 hours. All turgidity [...] Read Full Article
  • Make a Spring Herb Container Garden

    Full Sun Project The satisfaction you’ll get from this easy project will have you searching for more pots and containers.   Shopping List: Oregano Parsley Thyme Chives Tricolor Sage Basil Rosemary Step 1 Choose a container; glazed ceramic or terracotta pots work well. Make sure it’s large enough to hold all the herbs you’ll want to include and has a hole in the bottom for drainage. Step 2 Choose [...] Read Full Article
  • Create a Floral Party Favor

    Full Sun Project Throwing a spring or Easter party? Here’s an idea for a party favor. Plant a basket with spring flowers and top dress it by tucking moss around the flower. Attach a packet of seeds by pasting it on a plant stake or skewer. Then, write your guest's name [...] Read Full Article
  • Take Your Pick

    Take Your Pick - Apples, Peaches and Plums Oh My! Imagine walking in your backyard and picking a plump and juicy peach from your own tree. Or, making an apple pie with apples you grew yourself. Growing fruit trees is easy and very rewarding - not only do you get to [...] Read Full Article
  • Bare-Root Strawberries

    How to plant bare-root strawberries: In the ground Choose a sunny spot with well-draining soil. Trim the roots of the strawberry plants with scissors to 6 inches right before planting. Space your plants 2 - 3 feet apart in rows, leaving a foot in between the rows. Dig a hole for each plant. Mix [...] Read Full Article
  • Plant a Strawberry Jar

    Full Sun Project You can enjoy scrumptious strawberries at home in any size yard by growing them in containers. A strawberry jar is an especially fun way to grow strawberries. Strawberry jars have holes on the sides of the pot for plants in addition to the top. Start by pouring potting [...] Read Full Article
  • Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

    Melodie from Pike Nurseries talks about getting your garden ready for Spring on The Weather Channel.   View other tips for getting you garden ready this Season > Read Full Article
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