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  • Mother's Day Gift Card Promo

    Give your mom the gift of gardening! Receive a free bonus gift card with the purchase of a $50 or $100 Garden Gift Card Thursday, May 7 - Sunday, May 10, 2015.*   Read Full Article
  • Blue Hydrangea Container Garden

     Shade Project Project time: 30 Minutes Plant this container for a shady spot in your garden. It's full of soft hues of blue and white and packed full of texture. The hydrangea is the star of the show. The foliage of the Hosta, Carex and Foxtail fern fill the container with texture [...] Read Full Article
  • Mother’s Day Hydrangea Basket

    Indoor Project Project time: 20 Minutes Give Mom a gift that will last much longer than cut flowers! She will love that you've created a garden just for her. In this garden the colorful foliage compliments the hydrangea which can be planted outside once it has finished blooming. Line the basket with plastic to hold in [...] Read Full Article
  • Butterfly Garden

     Full Sun Project This small garden is packed full of beautiful flowers that you will love and the butterflies will too! This garden provides host plants for caterpillars (parsley and dill) and flowering plant for food sources. Add a shallow bird bath or saucer with water for added appeal. The garden is approximately [...] Read Full Article
  • Succulent Wall Hanging Container Garden

     Full Sun Project This combination of succulents is brimming with different foliage color and texture. A unique wall hanging basket that will thrive in the sun and needs very little water.   Project Shopping List: 1 - Wall Hanging Basket with Liner 1 - Pike Potting&Container Soil 2cu ft. bag 1 - E.B. Stone Sure Start 3 [...] Read Full Article
  • Mother's Day Gift Guide

  • Spring DIY Container idea

     Full Sun Project This sensational container garden for the sun uses the repetition of chartreuse foliage to hold this complicated composition together. The chartreuse foliage is paired with various types of sun-loving pink flowers. Experiment with a different flower color to make this container your own.   Project Shopping List: 1 - Glazed Pot 24 [...] Read Full Article
  • Celebrate Easter!

         Plant Your Own Easter Grass DIY >  Read Full Article
  • Make a Spring Herb Container Garden

    Full Sun Project The satisfaction you’ll get from this easy project will have you searching for more pots and containers.   Shopping List: Oregano Parsley Thyme Chives Tricolor Sage Basil Rosemary Step 1 Choose a container; glazed ceramic or terracotta pots work well. Make sure it’s large enough to hold all the herbs you’ll want to include and has a hole in the bottom for drainage. Step 2 Choose [...] Read Full Article
  • Employee Ownership - ESOP

    Different from most companies, New for 2015 Pike Nurseries is now an employee-owned and operated. Our Employee Stock Ownership Plan, or ESOP, adds an extra benefit of working with us, in that you gain ownership stake through stocks during your time of employment. With NO related cost to participate, this [...] Read Full Article
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