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  • Painted Pumpkins

    You’ve heard the expression, ‘say it with flowers’ …. Well why not, ‘say it with pumpkins’? Decorate your pumpkins with a message like ‘spooky’, ‘boo’, or even your house number.

    This is a fun and easy project.. here’s how to make your own:

    Supplies you will need:

        Flat spray paint
        Paint pens in contrasting colors
        Cardboard box

    The first step is to spray paint your pumpkins.We chose a black and white theme (use any color you like). Spray the pumpkin with spray paint on the top and sides, let that dry, spray again as needed and let dry. Then lay it on its side so you can spray the bottom.  Spraying them on cardboard is easier than newspaper since newspaper tends to stick to the pumpkin.  Once the whole pumpkin is painted, you’ll be ready for the next step.

    Grab your stencil and a paint pen.  Use the stencil to trace the outline of the letter.

    Then remove the stencil and fill in. Let each letter dry before moving to the next letter.
    Get creative and have fun. Turn your pumpkins around and add another message.  Write a Halloween message on one side like ‘Trick or Treat’ and then turn the pumpkins around and write ‘Let’s give Thanks’ for Thanksgiving.

    Tip: Painted pumpkins will last longer if kept inside or on a covered porch.


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