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Playing in the Dirt Blog from Pike Nurseries

Timely tips and ideas throughout the year to inspire you and help you succeed while Playing in the Dirt!
  • New for 2014

    New for 2014   Introducing... Dahlia Dalaya, Coleus Kong Jr., and Hydrangea Bloom Struck.  Gardeners look forward each season to find something new to grow, a new prized plant to plant in their gardens. And, each year growers introduce new varieties of plants. This year brings three exciting selections.   Dahlia Dalaya is sure [...] Read Full Article
  • Determining Cold Damage

    Determining Cold Damage The record breaking freezing temperatures this past winter caused damage to many plants that make it through most winters unscathed.  Some of the damage was immediately apparent. The fleshy stems of the aloe in the photo to the left, showed severe damage within the first 24 hours. All turgidity [...] Read Full Article
  • Take Your Pick

    Take Your Pick - Apples, Peaches and Plums Oh My! Imagine walking in your backyard and picking a plump and juicy peach from your own tree. Or, making an apple pie with apples you grew yourself. Growing fruit trees is easy and very rewarding - not only do you get to [...] Read Full Article
  • Welcome in Spring with Senetti

    A Punch of Color to Draw You Outdoors. Kick-off Spring with a burst of Senettis. These brilliant flowers are available in shades of blues, pinks, and purples and even bicolors. Senettis make for a for container garden flower. Blooming from late winter to late Spring they love cool, wet weather. They can even [...] Read Full Article
  • Signs of Spring

    Signs of Spring   It's that time of year when we start to see signs of spring, and we get excited for the season to begin. The Witchhazels, Camellias, Edeworthias, and Helleborus are blooming away. left to right: Witchhazel, Camellia, Edgeworthia, Helleborus While the Japanese Pieris, Forsythia and Quince are heavily budded and [...] Read Full Article
  • New Roses for 2014

    New Roses for 2014 We can all 'Jump for Joy'  because we have new roses to choose from in 2014! While you can't go wrong with the classics like 'Mr. Lincoln', 'Queen Elizabeth', and 'Iceberg' or workhorse roses like the Knockouts, it's fun to find new varieties to plant in your [...] Read Full Article
  • The Cardinal Rules

    The Cardinal Rules 4 Steps to Attract Cardinals to Your Backyard Cardinals are beautiful birds that don't migrate. They live here year round. During winter we have an even better opportunity to watch them when the males' brilliant red feathers stand out as they're perched in trees whose leaves have fallen. The [...] Read Full Article
  • Five Ways to Decorate with a Christmas Wreath

    5 Quick and Easy Ways to Decorate With a Wreath   Decorating for Christmas can be made quick and easy by using wreaths. The front door might be the traditional place to hang a wreath, but they are great to use in many other spots. Here are some ideas:    Three in a row.   [...] Read Full Article
  • Decorating for Christmas

    Decorating for Christmas Decorating your home for Christmas is a great way to get in the holiday spirit. Here are some handy tips and ideas to make decorating simple and easy.   Outside Start at the curb. Greet your neighbors with Christmas cheer by decorating your mailbox. Keep it simple by adding a swag or [...] Read Full Article
  • Oh Christmas Tree

    Choosing the Perfect Christmas Tree Christmas is a time of family traditions and it starts with choosing the perfect Christmas tree. Nothing says Christmas like the scent of a fresh-cut Christmas tree. Here are some tips for choosing the best, freshest Christmas tree. Purchase a Christmas tree that is being kept in [...] Read Full Article
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