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Problem Solving

Here are some garden problems other Pike Nurseries customers have had.  If you have a question please visit or call your Local Store, use the Contact Us page, or post a question on Facebook.  We're here to help you Garden without Guesswork!
  • Waterwise Gardening - Water Saving Tips

    Don’t change your garden; change the way you water.   Here are ten simple things you can do to save water outdoors. 1. Water early in the morning Set your automatic sprinklers to run in the early morning and finish before 8am. This will reduce evaporation and will lessen the likelihood of water waste [...] Read Full Article
  • Leyland Cypress trees

    Question My Leland Cyprus trees are now 12 years old. They are extending several feet into my driveway. Please suggest a way to cut them back (aesthetically pleasing) so they don't brush the car and make it difficult to park in the driveway and exit the car.  Answer Leyland Cypresses are known to [...] Read Full Article
  • Hydrangea Blooms

    Question My big, beautiful hydrangea has had one bloom in the last three years. It's been being trimmed in February, is there a better time to cut it back? Answer When you prune hydrangeas depends on if they bloom on new or old growth. If you have a variety like ‘Annebelle' that blooms on [...] Read Full Article
  • Crape Myrtle bugs

    Question My crape myrtle leaves are covered with these little white things. The leaves are discolored and mottled, not the normal green color. Do you know what this is and what can I do to help my crape myrtle? Answer It looks like your crape myrtle has developed black sooty mold. It was [...] Read Full Article
  • Banana Tree Size

    Question Hi, I have a banana tree, I've had now for 3 years. I notice small bananas on a bloom this year, but they stayed the same size. My question is, it possible to get full size bananas in our zone? Answer The size of the banana depends on two things: what type [...] Read Full Article
  • Bamboo after Summer

    Question My question is about my bamboo. It's appears to be dying for the past 3 months. Transplanted 4 months ago when taken out of container. It's experiencing a color change No foliage all year. Answer It looks like your bamboo is a little heat-stressed which is very typical at this time of [...] Read Full Article
  • Plants for mixed lighting

    Question The front of my house gets sun on the left of my front door and shade all day on the right side do to trees. What is a good shrub I can plant on either side that will grow in both conditions so I have a symmetric look? Answer There are [...] Read Full Article
  • Testing PH level in your soil

    Question How important is testing the PH level in my garden to ensure quality soil? How is the best way to test it? Answer The soil's pH level is probably one of the most important but least understood aspects of successful gardening. In the simplest terms, when the soil's pH level [...] Read Full Article
  • Hydrangea Pruning

    Question My hydrangeas suffered with the heat again this year as well as last. My question is ... Can I cut them back as I do my roses?   Answer Different types of hydrangeas need to be pruned at different times of the year depending on if they bloom on old growth [...] Read Full Article
  • Hibiscus during the Winter

    Question   I recently purchased and potted two tropical hibiscus.  Will I have to move them indoors during the winter to survive? Micale, Gwinnett Resident   Answer The hibiscus will need to be moved indoors before our first frost. Typically we recommend bringing in your tropical plants like hibiscus, bougainvillea, etc by September 15th [...] Read Full Article
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