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    I have the "climbing rose bushes" and they are as tall as the gutters on my single story house.  When is the best time to prune back the rose bushes? How low can I cut them back?


    The best time to prune most roses is late February when the "eyes" or growth buds on the canes begin to swell and turn red. The first thing to do is cut back any dead wood and crossing branches to clean up the rose. Next cut back the canes a couple feet from the height you'd like them to be. You can cut roses back to 2 or 3 feet but they may not reach the height you prefer during one growing season.

    Climbing roses bloom on canes that are 2 to 3 years old. Be aware that if you remove a lot of the older wood, you may sacrifice some or all of the blooms for the season.

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