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  • Pumpkin Topiary

    Stack them up, pumpkins that is, and create a pumpkin topiary!

    Start by choosing 3 to 4 pumpkins in varying sizes that are somewhat flat on the top.

    Select a container that is slightly smaller in diameter than your largest pumpkin.

    Remove the stems of all but the smallest pumpkins.
    Rest the largest pumpkin on the rim of the container then stack the next smallest on top continuing to stack finishing with the smallest on top.

    (If you have kids or pets, it will be best to add some additional support.)

    Remove the top pumpkin and drive a short wooden dowel that is sharpened on both ends through the stack of pumpkins by hammering it with a mallet.

    Leave a bit of the top of the sharpened dowel exposed and place the smallest pumpkin back on the stack pushing it down onto the dowel.

    Fill in any gaps that appear between the pumpkins with moss or fall leaves and just like that you have a unique pumpkin display that is great for Halloween or Thanksgiving!

    Stick with traditional orange pumpkins or play with heirlooms like the Cinderella or Ghost pumpkins. As another idea, make a small topiary for your countertop or a larger one for your entryway.  Enjoy!


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