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Shade Gardening

DIY Ideas for Shady areas of your home and garden
  • Fabulous Foliage Shade Container Garden

     Shade Project Project time: 45 minutes Add drama and color to your shady garden, porch or patio with this container garden filled with fabulous foliage textures. Fatsia is the evergreen star of the show rising above summer favorites that provide and interesting mix of foliage shapes, textures and colors.  Choose a 32inch [...] Read Full Article
  • June Shade Garden

     Shade Project This shade garden is full of textures and colors, beautiful flowers and striking foliage.   The garden is approximately 12 feet by 8 feet. Project Shopping List:5 – Hostas 3 – Astilbe 3 – Hakonechloa 1 – Hydrangea 5 – Caladium 3 – Heuchera 4 – Pike planting mix (bags) 1 – Sure start ( box) 6 – Mulch [...] Read Full Article
  • Colorful Shade Container Garden

     Shade Project Project time: 30 Minutes Hot pink and green foliage and flowers create a striking, bold, and colorful container garden for the shade.  Create a container with plants that are the thrillers, fillers, spillers of the garden.  Cordyline adds architecture and drama as the thriller plant, New Guinea Impatiens, Coleus and Caladium [...] Read Full Article
  • White Hydrangea Container Garden

     Indoor or Shade Garden Project Project time: 20 Minutes Beautiful blooming hydrangeas and graceful foliage plants make this container garden an elegant addition to your home or shade garden. The container garden is top dressed with silver Reindeer moss for a finishing touch. Shopping List: 1 – 18 inch bowl 1 – 6 inch White Florist Hydrangea 1 [...] Read Full Article
  • Pretty in Pink Hydrangea Container Garden

     Shade Project Project time: 30 Minutes This container garden is perfect for shady summer gardens. This garden combines a blooming hydrangea, impatiens, and indoor plants which add foliage color. Houseplants like Aglaonemas (Chinese Evergreens), Rex Begonias, and Arrowhead vines love spending the summer outside in the shade. Shopping List 1 – Urn 24 inch wide [...] Read Full Article
  • Blue Hydrangea Container Garden

     Shade Project Project time: 30 Minutes Plant this container for a shady spot in your garden. It's full of soft hues of blue and white and packed full of texture. The hydrangea is the star of the show. The foliage of the Hosta, Carex and Foxtail fern fill the container with texture [...] Read Full Article
  • Summer Shade Container

     Shade Project Project time: 30 minutes The contrasting purple and gold tones of the foliage in this container support the bi-color Torenia blooms by repeating their colors and creating a cohesive design. Shopping List 1 – 1 gallon Rex Begonia 1 – 1 gallon Coleus 1 – 1 gal Asparagus fern 1 – 6 inch Torenia 1 – [...] Read Full Article
  • Blue and White Shade Container Garden

     Shade Project Project time: 20 Minutes Season: Spring/Summer  The color palette of the plants was inspired by the blue and white painted ceramic container. The blue and white tones are echoed with blue and white Torenia (Wishbone flower) and white Caladiums. Foxtail fern provides a soft texture. Fill the container 2/3 full of potting soil [...] Read Full Article
  • August Shade Container

     Shade Project Brighten up a shady nook on your porch, patio or front door with a container garden. This container garden perfectly blends flower power, interesting foliage and texture and uses color repetition. In about 30 minutes you can create this shade-loving container garden.   Shopping List 1 – 14 inch Terracotta Low Pot 1 [...] Read Full Article
  • July Shade Container

     Shade Project Full Shade Container garden project. This full shade container garden is full of striking foliage in different textures. Tropicals Cordyline and Pothos are mixed with traditional shade favorites Caladium and ivy to create a garden full of soft and bold hues that will thrive in your garden all summer [...] Read Full Article