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Shade Gardening

Learn the best tips for shade gardening!
  • Endless Summer® Hydrangeas

    Southerners have long had a love affair with hydrangeas. Those big pom-poms of blue or pink blossoms of the most commonly recognized ‘mophead’ hydrangeas bring back memories of spring time in grandma’s garden. One of the most enchanting things about this plant is that its bloom color depends on the [...] Read Full Article
  • Colorful Ferns

    Ferns in Nature Have you ever been hiking in woods that are densely full of trees and underbrush and walked upon an area that was clear? The tree canopies were high and the floor of the forest was covered with a pallet of ferns? Their beautiful green texture provides such a [...] Read Full Article
  • Shady Ladies - Coral Bells

    Just because your backyard is shady, don't think you can't create a beautiful and colorful garden. Heucheras, commonly known as Coral Bells are shade perennials with fabulous foliage and spring flowers.  Whether you plant them in your garden beds or mix them into your shady containers, you will love the wonderful [...] Read Full Article