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  • Smart Watering Tips

    Most homeowners overwater their lawn and garden. By watering correctly, you’ll use less water and have a beautiful, healthy lawn and garden.

    Waterwise Tip #1: Water in the early morning to reduce evaporation

    • Water between the hours of 4am and 8am.
    • This will cut evaporation, saving you money and conserving water.

    Waterwise Tip #2: Switch from overhead sprinklers to soaker hoses 

    • Soaker hoses conserve water by dripping water right to the roots of the plant.
    • Snake the soaker hose throughout the garden placing it about a foot away from the base of shrubs.

    Waterwise Tip #3: Adjust timers on automatic sprinklers

    • Most sprinklers are programmed to water too often. Set your timer to water longer for a deep watering
    • You want to water until right before you start to see run off
    • If plants show signs of stress such as wilting or yellowing add another watering to your schedule

    Waterwise Tip #4: Use water wands with a trigger

    • When watering container gardens, hanging baskets or other small areas use a water wand with a trigger.
    • Allows you to water only the plants and not the pavement or ground between plants.
    • Make sure to water each plant thoroughly so water penetrates to the root system.

    Waterwise Tip #5: Reduce lawn watering

    • Most homeowners water their lawns too much. Reduce your total watering by as much as 50% - your lawn will be healthier and just as lush and green.
    • This may mean skipping one lawn watering each week.
    • Never restart the entire automatic watering cycle to water a dry patch - select the appropriate station and run manually.

    Waterwise Tip #6: Mulch to conserve soil moisture

    • Using mulch in your garden reduces weed germination, retains moisture and reduces the need for watering.
    • There are a variety of mulches to fit the look you’d like
      • Cedar Mulch
      • Colored Mulch
      • Pine Bark

    Waterwise Tip #7: Adjust watering seasonally

    • Adjust the time and frequency of automatic sprinklers seasonally.
    • Turn automatic sprinkler system off during rainy periods.
    Plant Type Time to Water
    Small Shrubs
    (4 feet or less in height)
    One minute/5 gallons
    Large Shrubs
    (4 feet or taller)
    Increase watering time by 15 seconds for each foot of height
    Trees Apply 2 gallons for every inch of trunk diameter (measure 4.5 feet above the ground)
    Flowers 5 Gallons of water per 10 square feet/1 minute at medium pressure









    Check with your city for specific watering guidelines and rebate programs.


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