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  • Succession Gardening: Plants for every season

    One of the best parts of a garden is watching is come into bloom each season. Succession gardening can help you achieve a blooming garden all year, by filling your garden with plants that bloom at different times of the year.


    Succession Gardening

    • When you create or are adding to your landscape, think about what plants bloom in each season
    • This is often referred to as succession gardening
    • By adding plants with varying flower times, you'll have year-round color in your landscape

    Crape Myrtles

    • Sun-loving tree or shrub depending on the variety
    • Known for its summer blooms and great winter bark


    • There are different types of hydrangeas that bloom at different times
    • Plant several types of hydrangeas for blooms in multiple seasons
    • Prefer partial sun to full sun
      • Paniculata hydrangeas are in full bloom now
      • ‘Limelight' hydrangeas have bright chartreuse blooms in midsummer and turn to pink in late fall
      • ‘Vanilla Strawberry' is a great hydrangea with huge blooms that start as a creamy white, transition to pink and end as a strawberry red color

    Many different types of roses blooming from shrub roses, ground covers to climbing roses

    • Drift Roses
      • Repeat bloomers
      • Very tough, disease resistant roses

    Encore Azaleas

    • An azalea that re-blooms spring, summer and fall
    • Typical pink, red or white blooms


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