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  • Grilling Container Garden

     Full Sun Project This sun container garden is perfect for the grill master. Keep it nearby for all your summer BBQs. Rosemary, thyme, basil and sage will add lively flavor to all your favorite grilling recipes.   Shopping list: 1 - Purple basil 1 - Sweet basil 1 - Oregano 1 - Tri-color sage 1 - Arp Rosemary 1 [...] Read Full Article
  • Make a Spring Herb Container Garden

    Full Sun Project The satisfaction you’ll get from this easy project will have you searching for more pots and containers.   Shopping List: Oregano Parsley Thyme Chives Tricolor Sage Basil Rosemary Step 1 Choose a container; glazed ceramic or terracotta pots work well. Make sure it’s large enough to hold all the herbs you’ll want to include and has a hole in the bottom for drainage. Step 2 Choose [...] Read Full Article
  • Herb Garden Tower

     Full sun project Project time: 45 minutes Plant a stacked herb garden using several containers and you can have a mixed herb garden nearby even in the smallest spaces. Choose pots in 3 sizes. Fill the largest pot ¾ full of potting soil. Tamp down the soil to make it firm, add [...] Read Full Article
  • Summer Griller's Garden

    From your garden to your grill to your plate. This garden plan is designed with the grill master and foodie in mind. Enjoy fresh herbs and veggies all summer long. This garden is approximately 12 feet wide and 15 feet long.   Full Sun Project Project time: 8 hours Prep your bed by [...] Read Full Article
  • 10 Ways to Use Rosemary

    10 Ways to Use Rosemary Rosemary is a hardy evergreen shrub that is easy to grow and is also very useful. Among it many uses, it's prized in the culinary world for its flavorful leaves. It also has a lovely fragrance and pretty small blue flowers in spring. While there are [...] Read Full Article
  • Herbs for Spring & Summer Basics

    Home-grown herbs are a great way to enhance your food and they look great in the garden.  Here are some ideas tips for choosing, planting, and caring for summer and spring herbs.   Find a Sunny Spot Nearly all herbs need full sun or at least afternoon sun If there’s not an area in [...] Read Full Article
  • 10 Easy Herbs to Grow

    Growing herbs is easy and fun. Whether you grow a few herbs on your kitchen window sill or have a raised garden bed dedicated them, you will find the rewards of growing your own herbs both on your plate and in your wallet. Walking out into your garden and snipping a little [...] Read Full Article
  • Choosing and Planting your Vegetables

    Getting Your Vegetable Bed Ready to Plant Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5 Location: All vegetables, fruit and herbs need an area that receives full sun. Soil Vegetables, fruit and herbs all need a good nutrient, rich soil to thrive. If planting in the ground you must amend our dense red [...] Read Full Article
  • Starting Seed Indoors

    Early February is a perfect time to start seeds indoors. Seeds of peppers, tomatoes and eggplants have a longer germination time. Starting them now will give them plenty of time to establish so they are ready to be transplanted outside as soon as we pass our frost-free date. How to Start [...] Read Full Article
  • Rosemary

    Rosemary Rosemary has to be the easiest herb to grow. Grow it in the ground or a container in a sunny spot with well-draining soil. It actually prefers to be on the drier side. There's an easy way to tell if your Rosemary is happy; run your hand down the stem [...] Read Full Article
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