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  • White Hydrangea Container Garden

     Indoor or Shade Garden Project Project time: 20 Minutes Beautiful blooming hydrangeas and graceful foliage plants make this container garden an elegant addition to your home or shade garden. The container garden is top dressed with silver Reindeer moss for a finishing touch. Shopping List: 1 – 18 inch bowl 1 – 6 inch White Florist Hydrangea 1 [...] Read Full Article
  • Pretty in Pink Hydrangea Container Garden

     Shade Project Project time: 30 Minutes This container garden is perfect for shady summer gardens. This garden combines a blooming hydrangea, impatiens, and indoor plants which add foliage color. Houseplants like Aglaonemas (Chinese Evergreens), Rex Begonias, and Arrowhead vines love spending the summer outside in the shade. Shopping List 1 – Urn 24 inch wide [...] Read Full Article
  • Blue Hydrangea Container Garden

     Shade Project Project time: 30 Minutes Plant this container for a shady spot in your garden. It's full of soft hues of blue and white and packed full of texture. The hydrangea is the star of the show. The foliage of the Hosta, Carex and Foxtail fern fill the container with texture [...] Read Full Article
  • Mother’s Day Hydrangea Basket

    Indoor Project Project time: 20 Minutes Give Mom a gift that will last much longer than cut flowers! She will love that you've created a garden just for her. In this garden the colorful foliage compliments the hydrangea which can be planted outside once it has finished blooming. Line the basket with plastic to hold in [...] Read Full Article
  • Hydrangea paniculata

    No garden should be without Hydrangeas, don't you think? But, you might say, I have no shade, so I can't grow hydrangeas. While, it's true that the traditional blue mophead Hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) require shade, there are some types of Hydrangeas that grow best in a sunnier spot. The Hydrangea [...] Read Full Article
  • Hydrangea Guide: Choosing, Planting, and Care

    Tips for choosing, planting, and caring for your hydrangeas.   Why plant a hydrangea? Hydrangeas are a fast growing, hardy plant with huge globes or cylinder of blooms Many hydrangea varieties bloom from late spring to fall Flowers colors range from white, pink, lavender, purple and blue and some can change depending on soil acidity [...] Read Full Article
  • Valentine's Flowers That Last

    Valentine's Day is almost here, but there's something you must know.  If you're planning to give your sweetie flowers, you'll want to make sure they last longer than a few days.  How? Orchids Orchids come in an array of colors from pure white, buttery yellow, purple and even bright blue There are also [...] Read Full Article
  • Hydrangea Blooms

    Question My big, beautiful hydrangea has had one bloom in the last three years. It's been being trimmed in February, is there a better time to cut it back? Answer When you prune hydrangeas depends on if they bloom on new or old growth. If you have a variety like ‘Annebelle' that blooms on [...] Read Full Article
  • Hydrangea Pruning

    Question My hydrangeas suffered with the heat again this year as well as last. My question is ... Can I cut them back as I do my roses?   Answer Different types of hydrangeas need to be pruned at different times of the year depending on if they bloom on old growth [...] Read Full Article
  • Hydrangea, Rose Tree, Crabgrass, Pear Tree Questions

    Answers to questions submitted to our weekly segment on Fox 5 Atlanta! Question 1 I planted three hydrangea plants on the north side of my house last fall. They are growing but did not bloom this spring. I am not sure they are getting enough sun. Any suggestions? Answer: Most hydrangeas prefer filtered shade [...] Read Full Article
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