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  • Orchid Container Garden

    Medium Indoor Light Plant an orchid container garden to ring in the New Year! Ferns surround the orchids with soft foliage and small wooden branches provide decorative supports for the stems of flowers. Shopping List: 1 – Bowl ( 14 – 16 inches wide) 3 – Phalaenopsis orchids (4 inch pots) 3 - 4 Inch [...] Read Full Article
  • Orchid Gardens

    Orchid Gardens  Orchids are beautiful long lasting flowers. They bloom for weeks and even months at a time. And, they are actually quite easy to grow! Just place them in a spot in your home that receives bright but indirect light and water them once a week.  A great way to show [...] Read Full Article
  • How to Repot an Orchid

    Follow our tips to repot a new or favorite orchid into a pot that fits the decor of your home or office. Indoor project Project Time: 20 minutes Step 1: Gather your supplies. You will need: Orchid Bark or Orchid Mix (see our blog to learn which orchids prefer bark and which prefer an [...] Read Full Article
  • Growing Orchids

    Orchids are one of the most popular houseplants. They are elegant and graceful, yet overall easy to care for. An orchid is also a great gift that blooms much longer than cut flowers, and they can bloom again and again. Most “houseplant” orchids are epiphytic (they grow naturally in trees similar [...] Read Full Article
  • February Orchid Container Garden

    High Indoor Light Roses are Red and this orchid is too! Create an orchid arrangement for your sweetheart that will last much longer than cut flowers. They will bloom for weeks if not months. The ‘Sharry Baby’ Oncidium orchid, is also known as the Chocolate orchid. It gets it’s name from it’s [...] Read Full Article
  • Orchid Centerpiece Container

     Medium Light Indoor Project  This is a great project for a rainy day. The foliage is a nice compliment to the blooming orchid which will bloom for weeks and weeks. It’s a great centerpiece that lasts much longer than cut flowers. When the orchid stops blooming pull it out and add a [...] Read Full Article
  • Valentine's Flowers That Last

    Valentine's Day is almost here, but there's something you must know.  If you're planning to give your sweetie flowers, you'll want to make sure they last longer than a few days.  How? Orchids Orchids come in an array of colors from pure white, buttery yellow, purple and even bright blue There are also [...] Read Full Article
  • Houseplants for Healthy Living

    Houseplants are most commonly used to add color and life to homes and offices, but there’s an even better reason for homeowners to stock up on flowers and ferns – to keep their homes healthy. Recent NASA findings under the Clean Air Study have discovered that adding houseplants to indoor [...] Read Full Article
  • Phalaenopsis Orchids

    Cultural Information The elegant but easy phalaenopsis is a great houseplant. Flowers can last 6-8 weeks on spikes of just a few flowers to breath-taking sprays of 20 or more. As the plants mature, more spikes develop. A mature, well-cared-for plant can sustain 2-3 spikes with up to several hundred flowers. Most [...] Read Full Article