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  • Ten Top Rose Varieties

    Americans love roses. From their beautiful form, colors and types, these popular flowers are always a garden favorite and are perfect for cutting and bringing indoors. Roses come in an array of colors from the classic red, buttery yellow, to sunset orange and many more. They also come in many forms from shrubs, to trees and even ground covers. The options are almost endless. Here are some of the most popular rose varieties that will thrive in southern gardens.


    PINK DOUBLE KNOCK OUT Rose at Pike Nurseries1)      Knock Out Roses: These make a great garden addition by being low maintenance and disease resistant. There are three very popular kinds of Knock Outs. The Red Double Knock Out with its candy apple red flowers and a slight spicy fragrance is the most popular of the Knock Outs. Second, the Pink Double Knock Out makes a superb landscape rose with its ‘bubblegum’ pink petals. Lastly, the Sunny Knock Out produces masses of bright butter yellow blossoms all season long.


    POPCORN DRIFT Rose at Pike Nurseries2)      Drift Roses: Another well-known family of roses are the Drift Roses.  These come in a variety of colors and styles with the popular Red Drift, Popcorn Drift and Pink Drift. The scarlet-red blooms with no noticeable fragrance cover the low creeping Red Drift shrub. The Popcorn Drift has very small blooms starting off yellow and then fading to white. The Pink Drift has hot pink, semi-double, lightly fragrant flowers with a soft pink center that will create an incredible floral show from spring to winter.


    White Out Rose3)      White Out: Aptly named, these white blossoms are produced in such quantity that it literally obliterates the foliage. This totally disease free rose has citrusy fragrant flowers with up to 9 petals. It makes a great border, landscape or container plant.




    Mister Lincoln Rose at Pike Nurseries4)      Mister Lincoln: This has been called one of the most popular roses of all time with its large, shapely buds that open to deep rich, velvety reds. It is accompanied by wafts of rich fragrance. These plants are tall and stately while the blooms are on top of long straight stems. Each flower can have up to 35 petals. Mister Lincoln also has good disease resistance.


    New Dawn Rose5)      New Dawn: This climbing rose of up to 20 feet blooms on new and old wood with an intense tea rose fragrance. The flowers are masses of soft pink blooms, with up to 35 petals. New Dawn also has good disease resistance.




    KETCHUP & MUSTARD Rose at Pike Nurseries6)      Ketchup and Mustard: The perfectly formed brilliant red and bright yellow blossoms adorn this adorable tree rose all season long. This fast selling rose makes a breathtaking accent for the garden, walks or in containers.


    Julia Child Rose7)      Julia Child: Butter gold old-fashioned blossoms combined with the fragrance of licorice candy makes this a mouth-watering recipe every gardener will crave. This was hand selected by Julia Child herself a few weeks before her passing. The Julia Child rose is a great border or low hedge and a lovely tribute to an American icon.


    St Patrick Rose8)      St. Patrick: A pot of gold awaits you at the end of this rainbow. But the pot of gold is fool’s gold, because under the right temperatures, these flowers can turn green. The lovely, yellow-gold-green lightly fragrant flowers are borne on long, strong stems. The green color gets enhanced with warmer weather.


    TWILIGHT ZONE Rose9)      Twilight Zone: This grandiflora rose has large round buds that develop into double old-fashioned flowers of deep velvet purple covered in a purple haze with a strong clove and spice scent.




    Don Juan Rose10)   Don Juan: This large-flowered climber can grow up to 14 feet high. Don Juan blooms on both new and old wood, developing masses of deep red blossoms with up to 35 petals of a strong fragrance. 



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