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  • Time to Bring in Your Houseplants

    We've already had some chilly days in October. This means it’s time to bring your houseplants back inside. Our houseplants love to vacation outside during the summer in the warmth and humidity. When I put them outside in spring, I can almost hear their sigh of relief. And over the summer they double in size. But, we love having them inside too and they don’t want to be outside when the temperatures drop to 40 degrees or below, typically. Many people wait until the first frost warning to move their plants back inside.

    My tip for you is don’t wait!! Take your houseplants, and any tropicals that you would like to overwinter indoors, back inside when the temperatures outside most closely match the temperatures inside. This keeps the stress and shock of the move to a minimum. We typically keep our homes  cooled and heated in the low to mid 70’s which makes early to mid October the best time to move them in. If your houseplant has been in full sun you may want to move it into filtered light for a few days before moving it indoors so that it gets used to lower light as well. Before you bring them in, inspect your plants thoroughly before you bring them in for pests and disease. I like to take out the water hose and spray them down really well. I also bury a little granular systemic insecticide in the soil. The systemic will travel inside the plant and kill any insects that may remain on your plant. So, now is the time, welcome your plants home from their vacation.. and bring a little green inside for the cooler months ahead.

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