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Trees & Shrubs

Learn more about the best trees and shrubs for your yard and the best practices for caring for specific trees and shrubs.
  • Endless Summer® Hydrangeas

    Southerners have long had a love affair with hydrangeas. Those big pom-poms of blue or pink blossoms of the most commonly recognized ‘mophead’ hydrangeas bring back memories of spring time in grandma’s garden. One of the most enchanting things about this plant is that its bloom color depends on the [...] Read Full Article
  • Crape Myrtle: The 100 Day Tree

    A Southern favorite, crape myrtles offer a year-round show: gorgeous summer flowers, brilliant fall color, and attractive peeling bark.  Nicknamed the “100 Day Tree” because of its long bloom time, crape myrtles are deer resistant, heat and drought tolerant, and can grow in any type of soil, as long as [...] Read Full Article
  • Re-blooming Azaleas

    Re-blooming Azaleas The sight of azaleas blooming has long been a sign that spring is here. Well, azaleas aren't just for spring anymore! If you look around in late summer and fall you will see azaleas blooming again. The Encore Azaleas and the newer Bloom-a-Thon azaleas both bloom in the spring and [...] Read Full Article
  • Blooming Now (Summer) - Crape Myrtles

    A summertime favorite Crape Myrtles are nicknamed the 100 day tree because of the length of it's bloom time. With summer being approximately 93 days and 15.5 hours, they are blooming the entire season. From white to pink, lavender to red there are many different bloom colors to choose from. There [...] Read Full Article
  • Celebrating Hydrangeas

    We love this time of year when the hydrangeas are blooming like crazy! The traditional blue mophead and lacecap hydrangeas kick off the show followed shortly behind by Oakleaf and Panicled varieties like Tardiva. There's no better way to celebrate the hydrangea than by cutting a few blooms to bring inside [...] Read Full Article
  • Crape Myrtles

    Cultural Information Get a bold pop of white, pink, lavender, purple or red in your summer landscape with crape myrtles. These easy-care trees thrive in our southern heat and humidity and bloom for 2-3 months. In the winter they add interest to the landscape as their smooth, outer bark exfoliates to [...] Read Full Article
  • Blooming Spring Branches

    On a cold, gray day like today, its easy to catch yourself daydreaming about spring - the warmer weather, the sunshine, the spring green on new leaves everywhere and the flowers. Spring is on its way and the beautiful early spring blooming trees and shrubs are budded up now. Some [...] Read Full Article
  • 50 Shades of Green

    Green - grassy, leafy, mossy, lush, verdant, and fresh are all synonyms of green. For as many different words as there are for green there are different shades of green: Apple green, spring green, lime green, emerald, hunter green, blue-green, teal, sea green, pine green, Christmas green, yellow-green, pistachio, olive [...] Read Full Article
  • Shrubs that Make Scents in Winter

    There's nothing quite like opening the door on a late winter day to a decadent aroma coming from the garden. It heralds that spring is near and invites us outside to enjoy our gardens again. As we anxiously look for signs of spring, there are a few shrubs that are [...] Read Full Article