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    Cultural Information
    Tropical hibiscus plants are easy-to-grow plants that thrive in the summer heat and humidity. Tropical hibiscus will not tolerate the cold so if you plan on keeping the tropical hibiscus, plant them in a pot so it can winter indoors.

    1. Choose a pot that is twice the width of the root ball.
    2. Fill the pot ¾ full with Pike Potting and Container Mix.
    3. Place a small handful of E.B. Stone Sure Start in the pot.
    4. Place the hibiscus in the pot and fill in with more Pike Potting and Container Mix filling the pot to about one inch from the top.
    5. Firmly tap soil to remove any air pockets.
    6. Water in with Bonide Plant Starter.

    Hibiscus plants are heavy feeders and benefit from regular feedings.
    1. Feed monthly with E.B. Stone Hibiscus and Tropical Plant Food.

    Keep soil moist to the touch but don't over water.

    Caring for Hibiscus is easy! Prune to shape the plant. Since Hibiscus bloom on new growth, pinching will also help increase flower production. Remove spent flowers to increase blossoms and keep the plant tidy.

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